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Not Ready to Start? These might Help
1. Need to present Read-A-Thon to your group first?
We have created a tool to help you present all of the information about the Read-A-Thon program to others in your group in order to make the decision to start your Read-A-Thon.
2. Does your district require approval for fundraisers?
We are pros at getting approved by school districts. Download the package below to take to your district or simply contact us at 1-866-888-5155 and we will make sure we are an approved vendor for your district.
3. Need help deciding when to start your Read-A-Thon?
Use the simple guide below to see when groups in the past have had great success with our program. Ultimately you need to see what is best for your group and your fundraising needs.
Enter your zip code to see Read-a-thons in your area and when they started
4. Still unsure if Read-A-Thon is right for you?
Tell us what questions we have not answered so we can help you make sure that the Read-A-Thon program is right for your group.
You can also call us toll free at 1-866-888-5155.
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