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Who do you think raised more money?

Round Hill Elementary raised $33,476.31 and 90% of it
was used by the school, teachers and readers

"This is the second year we've used the Read-A-Thon software. Our first year was such a success that we shared it and brought it to three other schools this year! It is an exciting and easy way for our students and parents to get excited about reading with the added bonus of raising funds to support many programs in our school. What better way to support a school than by encouraging kids to read!? The usability of the website, tools and dashboard make it accessible for the admins, the teachers, parents and donors. The Read-A-Thon is our favorite fundraiser!"

Start doing less work and earning more money.

The focus is on reading instead of selling books
No store to set up or inventory to manage
Kids earn money to spend on great prizes
You do less work and you keep the money
Even friends and family from out of town can support your
reading efforts.