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Read-a-thon Fundraiser

If you are trying to raise money for an elementary school, a PTA, PTO or any other group made up predominantly of school age kids there is no better way than a Read-a-thon Fundraiser.

There are lots of reasons why I feel confident making that statement. Here's a few of the reasons:

How Much Money Read-a-thons Raise?

If I asked you how much money a 1,000 student elementary school would raise if each student completed our program and got 10 sponsors to donate $2.50 per reading session would any of you guess $200,000? Well that's the amount of money that could be raised with 100% participation. Check it out for yourself with our read-a-thon calculator.

Now, will your school make that much? Probably not. But think about it. What if only half your students participated. You'd raise still $100,000.

What happens if your readers only average 5 sponsors instead of 10? You'd still raise $50,000. How does that compare to your current fundraiser?

Why Do Read-a-thons Work So Well?

Think about a typical product fundraiser. When the neighbor kid knocks on your door and asks if you'll buy a tub of cookie dough the odds are that you will have no idea why they're raising money nor will you have any idea of what percentage of the purchase price will go to the school. For the most part you will not be inspired to reach deep and support that student, will you? Be honest. There's not a lot of information offered.

Read-a-thons change the whole game. Read-a-thons promote reading and reading is a good thing. Just about anyone would agree. So when the same neighbor comes to your door and asks if you would support their desire to become a better reader there is a much more compelling reason to reach deep and help.

When you give people something good to support they will usually step to the plate. What better cause than helping develop better reading skills?

Can Anyone Hold a Read-a-thon?

Read-a-thon fundraisers are perfect for school aged children from pre K all the way up to early high school years. If you are part of a group in that demographic we challenge you to try a read-a-thon. Don't replace your current product fundraiser if you have any doubts. Simply supplement your current planned fundraiser. That way, if your read-a-thon fails, you will still raise the money you need.

We believe, though, that you will be floored by how much more money your read-a-thon fundraiser will raise. So what do you have to lose? It costs nothing to start and we provide everything you need. We give your readers all the tools they need to get 5, 10 or more sponsors. We offer prizes and incentives to make sure they are excited about getting sponsors.

All donations are made online so your readers don't ever have to handle the money. In fact we provide all the management and reporting tools you will need. So go ahead and take our challenge. Click the orange button and try it for your group.