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Sales Representatives

We believe read-a-thon is second to none when it comes to elementary school, PTA or PTO fundraising. A 500 student school can raise $100,000 or more. Check out our fundraising calculator to see how: click here

About Our Sale Rep Program:

We will pay qualified sales representatives a 4-8% commission on the gross donations raised by groups signed up directly or indirectly by the sales rep.

Sales reps are assigned protected territories by zip code. Zip codes are requested during the sign up process and additional zip codes can be requested once approved. We will only allow one sales rep to sell within the protected territory. However reps should understand that Read-a-thon aggressively markets its products and will only pay commission on read-a-thons that begin as a result of direct contact or indirectly through affiliate links that show the customer came to our site via that specific link.

We manually approve reps and will send approval emails once a zip code has been assigned. We will let you know if a zip code is already taken during the sign up process.

We believe our product is easy to sell and makes perfect sense for every elementary school or PTA. Please choose only those zip codes in which you will actively call on schools. Our system will look for activity in each zip code and will drop inactive zip codes after extensive inactivity.

Who Makes a Good Sale Rep:

We are looking for fundraising professionals, moms or people involved in their communities and know local elementary school principals and the presidents of local PTA and PTO groups. We offer the best elementary school fundraising program available and we want people able to get our product in front of the decision makers.

Responsibilities of Our Sale Reps:

1. We want our representatives to contact potential customers such as elementary school PTA board members and Principals to introduce them to Read-a-thon. Sales reps need to become intimately familiar with our program, how it works along with all of its features. We offer a complete management dashboard to help our reps manage their business. We will post training articles below that we suggest you study.

Reps must physically visit each elementary school in their territory and enter each as a sales lead in their dashboard. Once the school signs up for a read-a-thon, reps should be available to make sure the school is on task, to encourage and to answer questions.

2. At your first meeting you should show your customer our website and walk them through our read-a-thon profit calculator. This will show the client how much money they can make. You should attempt to sign the school up right then or leave materials for the school to review. Free print materials are available online.

3. We provide a customer management system. We expect our sales reps to use that system. We want you to input sales leads into your dashboard. There is a place to record notes and a field that asks for a date when you would like to contact that lead next. We will notify you via email and remind you it’s time to follow up with your lead.

4. We provide print materials and email tools for you to use to promote Read-a-thon. We will provide 2 different banner ads and some text links to promote Read-a-thon on your website and email campaigns. We also provide some great print materials. You will be able to print a 1 page brochure with your name and telephone number, a multi-page brochure that goes into greater detail and within your dashboard a 1 page brochure specific to each sales lead you have entered. We want sales reps to use all of these tools.

5. We provide a reports dashboard that will give you current information of how your schools are doing with their read-a-thons. Reporting includes status of schools, teachers and readers for every customer you have entered into our database. The dashboard includes a customer or sales lead management system that includes contact reminders. We want our sales reps to use this system to manage their leads.

Our Commission Schedule:

We want to reward successful sales representatives so we offer a progressive commission structure. In other words the more your groups raise with Read-a-thon the more you make. The commission rate is based on total donations raised in a calendar year.

Here are the numbers:

We will pay you a 4% commission on the first $149,999 your groups raise.

We will pay you a 5% commission when your annual donations reach $150,000 and pay that rate until donations reach $299,999.

We will pay you a 6% commission when your annual donations reach $300,000 and pay that rate until donations reach $499,999.

We will pay you a 7% commission when your annual donations reach $500,000 and pay that rate until donations reach $999,999.

We will pay you an 8% commission when your annual donations reach $1,000,000 and pay that rate for every other dollar raised that calendar year.

Learning How Read-a-thons Work:

We expect our sales reps to become well versed with our read-a-thon program. We suggest you go through the sign up process and set up a test group so you understand that process. That will also give you insight into what your customers will be given. Below you will find links to training articles. Please review these as often as possible:

1. RAT Bucks - What are they and how do they help?

2. What Do Readers Read? A brief explanation of reading sessions and reading materials.

3. Selling Readathon to Schools - The best ways to present our Read-a-thon program to schools and how to overcome the top 2 objections.

4. Sales Marketing Materials - Check out some of the resources we provide for our sales reps to better market our Readathon system.

5. How Readers Get Sponsors - A brief explanation of the tools available for readers to locate and contact potential sponsors.