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Help us raise money to buy new books for our library, promote reading through fun activities, and to purchase student incentives. 

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Proud of you David! ❤️

Emilia Lujano
Happy Reading!!!

Chaucey Fuller
You keep up your reading, heard you are doing good, proud of you. Love you and miss you. Love Nana

Julie Teague
We are very proud of you! Love, your GREAT uncles Ted

Ted Escobedo
Hey Little Buddy, you’re a winner to me.

Joseph Johnson
Te amo, bebé!

Tía Adriana
Great job Liam!!! I’m so proud of you. Reading is a good way to help you learn about things. Love you.

Sherry McConnaghy
Ola, Liam!Good luck! Sidney loves you!

Sidney Vowell
Hadley, we are so proud of you and love you very much. Your interest in reading will bring you great joys in life and will broaden your horizons tremendously.

Wayne and Sue Kelly
Go Liam Go!!

Kathleen M Josephy
We love you Olivia! You are a great reader! Keep it up! We are so proud of you!

Josephine Trenery
Books are my favorite! I hope you will love them too!

Amy Midgett-Blacklock

Frances Lopez
Hello Liam, I’m glad you’re getting into reading and hope you’re enjoying school and interacting with your classmates.

Blaine Jones

Hannah Roberts
Mi Amado Nieto Liam , Nana Joann Eternity and infinity Love you. I will always help you in your academic growth. Education is the main foundation for having and obtaining better human beings in this world.Nana Joann Rolón.

Joann Elliott

Abigail Webster

Jason keeler
I’m so very proud of my granddaughter! I know she’ll far exceed her reading goals! I love you Hadley!

Michele Keeler
So proud of you. You're going to be the best reader ever!!!

Granny and Papa
Keep up the good work Damian! We love you! ❤️

Hola Papi! So proud of you for wanting to read! It’s so much fun to read and you learn so many new things! Uncle Eric loves reading and that’s why he is so smart!! Have fun Papi and hope you win! Love you!! Grandma

Dawna Smith
I love you!

Ginger M Stewart
Owen you are a great reader! There are so many great books to read! We love you!

Shelby E Bagwell