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Gold Hill Elementary School

Love how fast you guys are at responding to questions. Thank you so much! 


Sonoran Sky Elementary

Another amazing read-a-thon year in the books. This year we raised $58,600 and read over 650,000 minutes. Amazing!!! RAT is a no brainer when it comes to fundraising. Families, friends and the community are so willing to donate money to enrich literacy and education in our youth. It is such an easy ask that it is hard for anyone to say no. Most people dread fundraising and asking family or friends for support financially, but we had over 87% participation that were over the moon happy that we were reading to raise fund for our school. We would get emails and text message all week saying... My house is so quiet. Everyone is reading. Thank read-a-thin team for doing this fundraiser. Can we do the read-a-thon all year long, my child has never been so motivated to read in their life, but for a light up ring or Limo Lunch he can’t seem to put the books down. Thank you for all the support


Morrisville Elementary PTA

The ENTIRE read-a-thon team was supportive and constantly available to help us with any questions or issues that came up during our read-a-thon. We look forward to holding our 3rd read-a-thon next year and utilizing the new 'reading adventure' themes!

Bess Campbell Elementary PTO

Campbell Elementary Loved the Read-A-Thon! The parents were happy, the teachers were happy and the students were able to focus on reading!

Richland Elementary

It was a great success as well as all the other years! We are so thankful for this opportunity that your company gives us. We look forward to doing business with you again next year!


Sharon Elementary

Our Read-A-Thon was very successful! Started off with some organizational hiccups - 2 teachers were left out of our shipment and had a glitch with student info pulling correctly on a tracking page - other than that, very easy to manage and the kids had a blast. Thank you!


Garden Ridge Elementary

Read-A-Thon was an amazing experience. The students had so much fun and our students were so excited about reading! We surpassed our fundraiser goal and it was so easy! The program is so organized and carefully planned out. The read-a-thon team is available to answer every question along the way. We will definitely host another read-a-thon next year.


Bathgate Elementary School Foundation

Read-A-Thon was a amazing way to get students to read and raise funds for the school! We have been amazed with our results and we look forward to doing it again next year. 


Big Woods Elementary

It went really well!! We polled our families and they prefer the Read-a-thon to other fundraisers. We chose the model with no prizes and came up with our own school wide intensives. It worked well. I loved the website you had. It was very easy to use!


PS118 Maurice Sendak Community School

Thanks. The process was great overall.


Daulton Elementary School

It has been another fantastic year for our Read-a-thon!


Brooks School Elementary PTO

Everyone loves participating in the Read-a-thon!


Equestrian Trails Elementary

The Read-a-thon was excellent! 


Polenta Elementary

Our Read A Thon not only reached and surpassed our fundraising goal, it crushed it! We loved Reading and Raising together.


Bess Campbell Elementary PTO

Another successful Read-A-Thon for Campbell Elementary! We love the focus this fundraiser puts on education and the simplicity of running the Read-A-Thon.


St. Mark Catholic School

This Read-a-Thon was a great fundraiser! It was easy to set up and run. The staff is friendly and helpful and the website is easy to use.
The only suggestion I have is please expand the reporting options. It would be nice to see who got the most donations or read the most by each day. Also when I see a kid's total I would like to be able to click on it and see the list of donations or minutes.
Overall this was a great experience and we will do it again. Thank you.

Bachrodt Elementary

This was such an amazing fundraiser for our school! It was very easy to implement and the students and families were excited to participate. It would have been helpful for us to do more education for our school community prior to the start of the Read-A-Thon to get more families to participate in the fundraising aspect - this was the first time we had done an on-line fundraiser. All of the materials that were provided were very helpful and professionally done. I also got amazing support from Kari. We will definitely do this again next year! Thank you!!

Ashland Ranch Elementary School

I love that this program is online and that we don't have to handle the money. I really like that it can connect directly to social media. I think that it worked really well for those families that took advantage of this feature.

Parents-As-Leaders, Inc

This was the second Read-a-Thon for our school and the results were impressive.

It is an amazing fundraiser that lines up with our school’s core values by empowering each one of the participants and turning them into leaders of their own fundraisers. By being in charge of their personal pages, our students are learning important skills from using technology, to fundraising, working as a team and let’s not forget the most important one: they are reading!

The tools for promoting the fundraiser are really helpful and easy to use. Read-a-Thon is a great fundraiser for any school.


St Ambrose PTU

The Read-a-thon fundraiser was such a success for our school! We exceeded our goal of $20,000 and the students enjoyed all the reading time. We had mystery readers for the two weeks and two authors come speak to the students. It was truly an easy and enjoyable fundraiser!


Wright Elementary

Our students LOVED the Read-A-Thon! What a great way to raise funds... and as a double bonus - encourage reading! I've done many fundraisers, but this by far takes the blue ribbon!


Anna May Daulton Elementary

Daulton's Read-a-Thon was a success! It was a positive experience for all. Thanks to Tiffany Alexander for always answering my questions and helping me through the process.


Bachrodt Elementary

Awesome! The set up and process are easy and I love all of the reporting that is available throughout the time frame. The staff is always SO helpful and quick to respond. Overall, it is really terrific. THANK YOU!


Rainbow Elementary School

I loved the read-a-thon. It was very easy! 


Parent Teacher Enrichment Group for Pinellas Prep

We LOVED this fundraiser! After one bad experience after another with the traditional fundraisers. We decided to try Read-a-thon. What a true pleasure it was from start to finish. The parents, teachers and even the students loved it. It was our best school wide fundraiser to date and raised nearly $20,000.00. We will never go back to the traditional fundraiser again!

Mountain View Elementary School - PTO

Read a thon went well. A little slower than last year, but still happy with our results. Only question is - would it be possible to get the business flyers sent out to us next time earlier than the other flyers? Our school is always behind on getting us the class lists, which pushes our timeline to solicit businesses back. Just a thought.

Thank you again for helping us with a successful fundraiser!

Evergreen Mill Elementary School PTA

We had a great Read-a-thon this year! We raised the most we have in 3 years. The Read-a-thon reps were very helpful trouble shooting a few little hiccups and always very responsive. It would be nice to be able to easily filter reports. It would also be nice to have additional information on donors- perhaps what state donations are coming from so that we could build in some additional challenges for our students. We have appreciated that the minimum donation amount was lower to $10. That makes a big difference to our school population.


Flint Hill Elementary School

Great success. Easy, easy! Once suggestion would be to allow readers to donate a percentage of their donations for the online store to go back to school.


Peter Cooper PTO

I am in awe of this fundraiser! This was by far the best and most successful fundraiser our school has ever participated in. It was so unique and exciting to find a fundraiser that encouraged reading while raising money at the same time. It gave an opportunity for not just our PTO to raise money but the children and their families and friends to all come together for a great cause...our new playground! A big thank you to Kari Styne for being so accessible and helpful! We loved all the materials you sent! Everything is so well organized and easy to execute! Thank you!!!!

Peter Cooper PTO

Ringwood, NJ

Washington Elementary

This was awesome! Thank you


P.S. 198 The Isidor and Ida Straus School

We enjoyed this fundraiser and our students did too. Will definitely do it again!

Garden Ridge Elementary

We love the Read-A-Thon. Our students read over 200,000 minutes and raising money while doing so is just icing on the cake. This is the easiest and most rewarding fundraiser our school has ever done. Thank you!



We loved it and will do it next year again

Frontier PTSO

We LOVED it! Your system is so easy to use, your staff is absolutely wonderful to work with - so responsive AND friendly. Highly recommend to any school looking for a new way to fundraise! The only reason we are not doing another RAT is simply because we usually do 1-2 years and change it up.


Normandy Elementary

A simple and exciting fundraiser that highlights family literacy and the importance of daily reading habits!!! Very excited that this will fully fund our school's One School, One Book program!

Maize Central Elementary

This was an amazing experience. It was a great way to promote reading, school spirit, and community involvement. Your company had everything organized so well. We chose not to go with the prize option. The time read to earn a prize did not seem realistic. We are excited to hold this event again next school year. Thank you!!


Hammer Montessori Elementary

Yes the teachers appreciated the event and we were happy to raise money in a positive way. A few concerns were the prize levels were high for many of our participants.


St Christopher School PTO

This may be available already but an FAQ would be great to have regarding simple questions. Overall we had a great experience so far with this fundraiser and we will certainly do it again!! Thank you.


East Coventry Elementary PTA

This was an amazing experience! We are thrilled with how easy it was to use the site and how it was all set up. The only issue we ran into was the site lagging behind causing people to add double minutes by clicking to many times. This was important as we were running a contest for most minutes read. Other than that it was wonderful!


Spring Creek Matanzas Charter

It was great for our first time. Has a great experience and I would do it again.

Prairieview Elementary School

I really liked the Read-A-Thon. It was very easy to use and the customer service was very responsive to questions. My only comment is to improve the prize center a little bit. A lot of the prizes seem a little babyish for elementary school kids - especially the older ones.


Parent Teacher Enrichment Group for Pinellas Prep

Our read-a-thon went well. This is our third year and this year and last year were about the same. The first year we did much better. The first year had several business sponsors. Since you raised the minimum amount our businesses rather give us the money directly and advertise with us because it is more affordable. $250 for a small business is a lot. We will continue to do a read-a-thon because we believe in the no sell approach when it comes to fundraising and prefer the enrichment aspect of the read-a-thon.


Primary charter school

This was an amazingly easy fundraiser for our school! Our goal was to raise $10,000 and we surpassed that!


Rancho Gabriela Elementary School

We love how easy the read-a-thon is!!!! This is our second year using this company. Kari and Scott are amazing and so quick at responding. They helped me every time I had trouble.

Overall we're happy and will use you in the future. Thank you

JW Alvey Elementary School

We loved the Read-A-Thon. It was easy to setup up and run. The kids, parents and staff loved having a fundraiser that could be incorporated into the school day.

Hilltop Elementary

Our students and staff love the Read-A-Thon fundraiser. Not only do we raise money for our school but the students get excited and competitive about reading.


W.W. Gordon Elementary

This was Gordon Elementary's first ever Read-A-Thon and we could not be more pleased. The fact that the program was all online is a huge plus and the personalized material made the program easy to launch. We had about 70% participation from our students which makes this a great start for our first year! As a school we were able to focus on the reading aspect as we tied this into our school book fair - fantastic. There were some learnings along the way, but again - that's to be expected for the first year. Thank you for all quick responses to our questions and for helping us run a successful event!


Norterra Canyon School

Great support. Thank you for being there for us to answer all our questions and to walk us through everything.


Kyrene de la Esperanza PTO

This Read-a-thon was awesome and the results created an amazing experience that will be very memorable and rewarding! Our Teachers, Readers, Parents, and Sponsors loved how their reading habits picked up, not just for prizes and rewards, but also to pick up a random book and immerse their imaginations in travel, animal life, and stories they could relate with. Overall, Read-a-thon was one of the best fundraisers we’ve ever done, and will do again. Thank you Kari for being with the Kyrene de la Esperanza PTO throughout this event!!! The only complaint during this event was some had payment issues, and some resolved those issues on their own and others just gave up. We would like to understand why and how to overcome these problems in the future.


Lumberton Primary School PTO

We had a wonderful experience with Read-A-Thon and look forward to doing it again next year!


We were very happy with this year's read-a-thon, as we raised over $12,000 for our school! The kids really enjoyed logging their minutes and several students developed solid reading habits as a result of their participation.


Sage Elementary

We were absolutely amazed with this program. We made way more than we thought and it was easy on our end. Thank you so much. I do think it would be nice to end the donations at the same time as the read -a-thon so we would be able to get our money sooner.


PS 166

Our school had a great experience and it was a success!


Piedmont Community Charter School

This fundraiser is the best one I have ever been involved in-from start to finish, it was motivating for our students to read even more than they already do-plus we had so many families, friends, and local businesses contribute each day that helped us achieve our goal to raise money for our new playground. We are super excited because we will now be able to start construction on our new playground because of Read-A-Thon! Thank you so much!

Los Paseos Elementary School

Read-a-Thon created an educational fundraiser for our school.

PS 116

This is P.S. 116's second year using and we love the convenience and user-friendly features!


Everette L. DeGolyer Elementary

Overall, the read-a-thon was a great experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful. I do appreciate how easy it was to execute!

St Ambrose PTU

It went well. Everyone was very helpful and answered our questions. It will be helpful from the back end to search students individually and also have pages with total reading minutes for the entire school.


Canongate PTO

This was a fantastic experience! The students and supporters love it!


Donaldson Way PTA

Everything went really well. We made more than we thought, and although there were a few tiny hiccups, they were solved quick enough, and we learned more for next year.

Oaklawn PTO

This is our third year doing a Read-a-thon and we love it. The teachers love how easy it is, and it can be run by one person!


Parent Teacher Enrichment Group for Pinellas Prep

It was a good year again! We did better last year, but Hurricane Irma definitely hindered our fundraising. We will do a Read-A-Thon again next year!


Woodside Middle School

We love your company. Very easy to work with. You made running our Read-a-thon much easier and it was worth the fee!

Our Lady of Grace School

The Read-a-Thon was a great experience for our school. Parents, students, and teachers all loved the program. We coupled it with our Book Fair and made October a reading awareness month. As the administrator it was very easy to use and set-up. Our school exceeded what we anticipated we would earn! Easiest fundraiser I have ever done!

Woodland Elementary PTO

The Readathon staff, site, and tools really made our Readathon easy, both for administrators and families. I love the real-time dashboard and student/teacher reports. I used them daily (usually multiple times). Our liaison, Kari, was friendly, responsive, and very professional. I personally used the email and social media tools (Facebook in particular), which I did not do as a parent last year. It was easy, AND we saw results beyond my expectations! Our biggest challenge is getting parents to go to the site, register, and USE all the great tools (we do have a number of parents for whom English is a second language, and there may be some cultural barriers we need to overcome...more research needed on both fronts for us!). If you have advice there or "best practices," please let us know.


North Shore Adventist Academy

North Shore Academy’s Read-a-Thon went very well, we raised 11K of our 15K Goal ????. We exceeded last years Goal o. We are hoping over the next few days that the remaining $4000 will be donated. Thank you for your support.


Parkview Elementary- Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD

Loved it! Will definitely do it again! Was the best and easiest fundraiser ever!

Oak Mesa Elementary

This is our 2nd year. What an easy and great fundraiser!


Steubing Ranch Elementary

We enjoyed it but hoped for a better outcome. It didn’t do as well as we hoped for, but we still really enjoyed doing it. Maybe if there was more promoting help or even an assembly where somebody came out to get the kids excited like (apex or fun run). We would like to give it another try in the future I think, thank you for all the help and a chance to participate in this program.


Sunset Primary

This was our first Read-a-Thon and it was such a success! It was so easy and fun! Our kids loved it and we were able to raise more for our school than we have in the past with "traditional" fundraisers! Win-win!

Sunset Primary PTA

Freedom 7 Elementary APT

Our RAT went better this year (our 2nd year) as we went above


Warren Elementary PTO

Another successful Read-a-Thon. Read-a-Thon is easy to conduct and well supported by parents.

Dora Small School

We have been thrilled with both the amount of minutes our students read during the read a thon

Evergreen Mill Elementary School PTA

Great fundraiser!!! Read-A-Thon staff were very responsive and helpful.

Rancho Gabriela Elementary School

We love the Read a thon. So easy, and successful every time. Thank you


Walnut Heights Elementary

Our PTA loves that the Read A Thon fundraiser helps to foster our student's love of reading. We also love how painless of a fundraiser it is for our busy volunteers and how supportive the staff at Read A Thon are when we have questions or issues!

Cora Spencer Elementary PTA

As always, the read a thon was a great success for our school. I did have one parent with a suggestion that there not be a $15 minimum, based upon if a family has more than one child in that school, it is hard to get people to donate $15 to each child.

Service was great

Note from RAT:We wish we could lower the minimum but that would force us to reduce your profit percentage based on the transaction costs for smaller donation amounts.

Lubbock-Cooper West Elementary

Our read-a-thon was much more successful this year over last year. 


Cora Spencer Elementary PTA

This was a fun and easy fundraiser! Thanks so much for your assistance. We raised money for our school while the kids did what they love to do....READ!


Rescue Elementary School

This was the most successful fundraiser our elementary school has ever had!

Rescue Elementary School

This was the most successful fundraiser our elementary school has ever had!

Lumberton Intermediate

This was such a wonderful experience for our campus! Our parents were impressed with our students' dedication to reading during this block of time and were gracious with their monetary support. This is definitely a fundraiser we would consider in the future.

St. Sebastian School

This was our first time doing a read-a-thon at our school, and it was a great success! To promote literacy and a love for reading, AND raise funds for our school, is a winning combination!


Lino Lakes Elementary STEM School PTO Read-a-thon

Love how easy the read-a-thon is to facilitate in our elementary school.


Oaklawn PTO

This experience as fantastic! The read-a-thon staff was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions at all stages of the event! Being our first year using this fundraiser, we learned a lot and plan on doing this again. It was so easy!

Littleton School PTA

I loved that this fundraiser encouraged a love for reading in our students! Online donations made requesting sponsorship easy, the kids were excited about the prizes, and Kari was so helpful and prompt with any issues or questions that we had. We will definitely be doing this one again!

Foothill Elementary

Our read-a-thon went really well and most people found this online tool very helpful. It was hassle-free in terms of not collecting any money or counting minutes by hand. It was kid friendly.

Here are a couple ways to improve the experience:

1) Provide prizes for reading - Kids were disappointed to not see any visual motivation for reading, similar to those for receiving donations. It would have been so great to have prizes for their reading minutes. The purpose of our Read-a-Thon was to motivate reading at our school. And, so it would have been beneficial to give kids prizes for reading.

2) Some kids accidentally pressed the "10 minute", "20 minute," or "30 minute", timer for their reading session. There isn't a way to go back and undo it. Or, the child is not asked "Are you sure?" So there was some skewed minutes.

3) We raised over $12, 000 but our school only receives about $9500. It's sad to see $2500 go towards prizes and back to your company. It would be better for us to get more of a percentage back, instead of just 85%.

I will probably plan on participating on another Read-a-Thon again, but really wish some of the items above are changed.

Thank you,


Note From RAT: Thanks for the testimonial. Great suggestion with prizes for reading. We can't afford to give those prizes but many schools offer freebies like a movie pass, pajama day, etc, for reading goals.

Love your suggestion about the timer. We are adding an edit reading minutes option.

We do offer a no prize model that increases the cash you receive by 5%. You might consider that next time.


Greenbriar West Elementary PTA

For our first time doing a Read-A-Thon I think we did great. The children had fun reading and it was definitely fun watching the donations come in each day. Hopefully we will do this again in the future and do it even bigger and better. It was a fun experience for everyone. I would suggest plastic wristband for the students, as they are more durable and they can wear them for a longer time to advertise the read-a-thon and in turn get more sponsors. The Read-A-Thon Adventure is a very good idea for a fundraiser.


What a great way to encourage our children to read. Thank you for making it so easy.

Orchard Hill POWWER

it was amazing. It was super easy to use and a great way to raise funds. Our only suggestion would be to have a way to turn off minutes prior to the official start. We started getting kids signed up a week before and they immediately started logging minutes which made it a little difficult to keep track of who was actually the top class and readers.


Greenwood Mill Elementary PTO

This was a fabulous fundraiser. I appreciate how all of the papers came grouped together by teacher. Super easy!!


Edgewater Elementary PTA

We have loved the Read-a-thon. It's great seeing students excited to read! Thank you.


Poquoson Primary

So easy and wonderful. Teachers, students and parents loved it!


Hilltop Elementary

We loved how all the prep work was done for us and how easy this was to raise funds for our school. This was a great way to promote the joy of reading while raising funds for our school.

Chartiers Valley Intermediate School

We had hoped to reach $15,000


Dora L. Small Elementary School

Our Read a Thon was a huge success once again! Thank you so much for the opportunity to encourage reading AND raise money. It's a win-win situation because all students can participate even if they are unable to collect donations.


Oglethorpe Point Elementary School PTA

Our Read-A-Thon was great! The kids loved it and the teachers loved it! The only hiccup we had were teachers handing out the flyers to the wrong students! After getting that straight it was smooth sailing...

Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary School

Thank you Read-A-Thon! This is such a fun and important fundraiser for our school! Parents love this Read-A-Thon because they don't have to sell products, and it instills the love of reading. Students enjoy reaching their goal and Dreaming Gig!

Lagos Elementary School


This was a GREAT 1st Read-a-thon!! Thank you so much for all the printouts and videos. The only thing that I would suggest would be a Thank You letter that could be printed after the event to send to parents and also a printout that promotes the gifts that the kids get. Many of our parents did not understand this part and a printout would have been wonderful. Thank you all so much!!


Springboro Intermediate PTO

We were honestly blown away by how well this Read A Thon went for our school! Not only was the entire process fun and easy for our students, teachers, and parents, but the staff at the fundraising company was incredibly responsive to every one of our questions, requests, and suggestions regarding the website and the data. Thank you for an amazingly painless fundraising experience all around!

Monrovia Elementary School PTA

I think our first time doing the Read-a-thon went fairly well. The website is simple to use and we love having the ability for our students to collect online donations. We also really like getting away from the pledge and then collect model. Knowing that when the fundraiser is over, it is over and we know how much we have is a great feeling. No more hounding parents and supporters to send in their pledged amount.


Frankford Township School

This was an amazing fundraiser. I had so many questions that were quickly and thoroughly answered by Kari Styne! Thank you so much. I look forward to doing this again.

Main Street School and Kindergarten Center

This Read-a-Thon was so much fun and turned out better than we had ever expected! What a great way to raise money - by reading!!! We will definitely be doing this again!

Broadmoor Elementary

Loved doing this as a fundraiser....easiest fundraiser ever!!


Spring Creek Matanzas Charter

Love the Read-A-Thon. 


Lebanon Maine PTO

This was a great experience overall! We'll definitely use you again. The only feedback we have to offer would be to improve the quality and age appropriateness of the prizes. There really wasn't anything for the older kiddos.


Leo Croce Elementary PTA

This was a phenomenal read-a-thon process. So thankful for all of the assistance I received learning how to use your program. Our teachers and students are so thankful for how much Read-a-thon has done for our school, Leo Croce!!


St. Nicholas Cathedral School

Read-a-Thon offers a lot of support and the dashboard makes it very easy to use. The mobile sites are very functional as well.


Grissom Elementary School

The read-a-thon went well. We raised 1,400 hundred more than last year.


Davis Drive Elementary PTA

Went really great!! Several thing surrounding kids inflating their hours read that I would like to change. The edit your reading sessions should be only the dates that our even is going on they should not be able to add dates prior to when our event starts. Additionally, we should be able to limit the amount of hours read per day. Also, their edits/and daily entries should have timestamps on them so that we can see when they entered and if they sat down one day and entered extra reading for the past week or two. When you have prizes at the school for reading minutes and you have little to no way to verify cheating it can create a challenge.


Helke Elementary School

The Read-a-Thon continues to be our best fundraiser - 3 years in a row! We can't wait to see how well we can do next year.

Glyndon-Felton Elementary

The whole program went really well. We were very happy with the process.


Shiloh Elementary School

The Read-A-Thon went very smoothly for our school. The students, staff, and school community were supportive of the event. The Read-A-Thon staff was very responsive to any questions that we had, and they gave us answers in a timely manner. It really sparked an interest in reading and provided great support for reading from our school community.


Flint Lake Elementary PTO

This was one of the BEST fundraisers we have ever done. Both teachers and parents alike loved that it encouraged our students to READ! We surpassed our fundraising and school wide minutes goals. The students are so incredibly proud of their achievement. Your site was so easy to really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Our documents were delivered promptly, the website is user friendly, the reporting was a life saver, and the constant feedback from my personal service agent was great. We loved it!


Berrien Primary School

Our school is so excited about the results of our Read-a-thon! It was simple and the kids had a great time! It's is a total Win-Win!


Springboro Intermediate PTO

This is a great fundraiser, and a good return on the money. I like that the kids get to spend a portion what they earn. We have a $5.00 store by us, so the $5.00 and up prizes could be a little better. Also our kids are older and a lot of the prizes are geared toward the elementary ages. The reporting tool was very simple. I liked the real time reporting. We could not get the read a thon website link to work, so it was hard to send out to parents. A link that would let the sponsor search for their kid would be nice. 


Atholton Elementary School

Read a thon was super easy to use and was a simple fundraiser to facilitate at our school. It didn't require any volunteers and raised over $10,000!


Williams Intermediate

What a great and EASY fundraiser this is! Thank you Read-A-Thon! Superb customer service and a fundraiser that actually encourages our reading goals! Love it!


Holy Family Catholic Academy

The read-a-thon went very well. This was our first year doing it and it exceeded our expectations. The program it very easy to set up and use. We will be making this an annual fundraiser for our school.


The Hansen Family

We have been thrilled with our Read-a-Thon experience. The process from beginning to end has been very smooth. I have already recommended your company to friends in other school districts.

Thanks for a great experience!

Gunston Elementary School PTA

We raised over $10,000.00 for our school and the kids had a great time competing for most minutes read. Our kids read close to 200,000 minutes for the 10 day period which exceeded our goal of 100,000. This was a great program and a very easy fundraiser to conduct.


St Joseph School Fremont

We enjoyed using this website to promote, communicate and excite our Readers. I would like the option to customize and select our Minimum donation. The global $10 reduced our total sponsorship and in California things are so expensive and with the % taken by Read-a-thon we need to generate funds of over $10K. I would like reports to identify emails successfully sent. I would like to maintain dual emails, as we have cases where grandparents are involved in the caring of the kids during the day or parents are divorced as well and need dual communication. Thanks again!


Hendry Park PTO

We loved the online option! All of your employees were kind and helpful. You made our job easy! Thank you!


Harvest Christian School

The Read-A-Thon is the simplest and most effective way to hold a fundraiser! The staff are very helpful and go above and beyond to help any school be successful. Don't use any other company but them!


St Christopher School PTO

We really enjoy the Read-A-Thon. Thank you for making it so seamless to run with our school. The only suggestion I would make is to have the report by last name, first initial. We use a model where the families that raise a certain amount get a grand prize so it makes it cumbersome to comb through the reports this year. Otherwise, everything is great!


Canongate PTO

This was our school's first year to participate in Read-a-thon and it has been a great experience! Your computer system is very user friendly - for the administrator, teachers and readers. One of the great things about this fundraiser is that you can raise thousands of dollars with just one volunteer, the administrator. Most other fundraisers our school has done in the past require a lot of volunteers to raise an equivalent amount of money. The parents and family members of the readers also love the fact that children are learning while they raise money. Thank you!!


Redwood Elementary

We like the new web design. Easy to access and know what we are looking for. Had complaints from parents regarding minimum amount to donate. Administrators really enjoy that everything is done on the website, though.

Lackland Elementary

We did amazing for a small military school. Everyone should take advantage of doing a read-a-thon. It was simple and effective.

Village Elementary Parents Club

We were very pleased with the ease of doing this kind of fundraiser and the results were amazing. We exceeded our goal so far by $500 and hope that some further donations come after the end date. Thank you for helping us encourage our students to read and helping make fund raising for our school fun.

Boone PTA

This was such an easy fundraiser. Everything is so easily laid out.


Lincoln Elementary School PTO

The most exciting part was to see the current status of the effort. It helped us stay motivated to reach our school goal. Wich we did!


Lowell Elementary PTSA

We met our goal! The kids read more than we ever imagined and we were kinda surprised that we raised as much as we did!


JF Dulles Elementary

We loved our experience with Read-A-Thon! Thanks for making fundraising so easy!


Sunset Primary

This was our second Read-a-Thon and we loved it! So easy and the support we received was wonderful! The only suggestion we would have, is adding a line about accepting cash donations at school that can be credited to reader accounts.


Grissom Elementary School

We enjoyed the Book-A-Thon! We met our goal and the students loved the reading sessions. This was our first Read-A-Thon and we brainstormed ideas to help us be even more excited next year.


Troy Intermediate School

We had a very positive experience with this Read-A-Thon and will plan to do it again next year!


International Leadership of Texas-NRH

Fundraising for books was such a great idea and great way to build up our school library. I believe people are willing to give more knowing it's going toward their child's education. I fell short of my goal for the classroom guided reading books we need, so plan on doing another one this spring.

Bradoaks Elementary

We picked this fundraiser for two reasons. We wanted to encourage reading at our school and because this was easier than other fundraisers that we have tried. The ReadAThon company didn't take such a huge chunk of our profits and it was super easy to use. The work was done for us and all we had to do is promote it! Great fundraiser!

International Leadership of Texas, Keller

Such a great opportunity to help raise money for books! We love the Read-A-Thon!!!


We had a phenomenal turnout for our Read A Thon! The experience was great and pretty easy to manage. The only hinderance was for people who did not have online accessibility but we did send out some forms for cash donations and collected an additional $550! Thanks to all the support and the personalization forms for each child is what makes the difference, it made parents stop and read the paperwork we sent home. Excellent program, would totally recommend it to other groups!


MacGregor Elementary

This was a wonderful experience for our school and our students.


Green Gables PTA

The read-a-thon went great. The glitches we've had in the past with the online interface have been improved and it was easy to use. Our school loves this fundraiser. We will likely do it again next year. Thanks! Cindy Pedrioli Green Gables Elementary PTA


Samuel L Gravely Elementary

We were able to come pretty close to our goal and are happy with the simplicity of the program. We will definitely have another Read - a - thon in a few years.

Ramtown School

We are ecstatic with the results of this read-a-thon! Not only did we raise more money than we could have ever imagined, but the students enjoyed the experience and the read-a -thon team couldn't have been more helpful! This was by far one of the best--if not, THE BEST fundraiser we have ever participated in!


North Terrace PTO

Love this easy to use fundraiser. I highly recommend other schools to use this read-a-thon program


Henry P. Mohr PTA

Read-A-Thon was such a great, easy to run fundraiser for our school. Our PTA wasn't sure how it would turn out and we guessed very low on our budget for this event. WE were surprised that we made over 5K more than we anticipated! Thank you for the quick turn around on paperwork, for all of the support setting it up. Our teachers were pleased with the simplicity of how it ran.

We will spread the word to other schools in our district about this easy to run fundraiser and we will gladly use it again in the future.

Thank you again,

Henry P Mohr PTA

Ella Baker PTA

This was such an easy fundraiser! Exceeded our expectations financially and reading goals!


Poet Christian Elementary School PTSA

I think that the read-a-thon went really well over all. I had a few kids who had issues logging their minutes, but they were few and far between. I think that the cash donations we receive should be totaled and then deducted from what is sent to us, instead of requiring a credit card or check to make the donation. It just seems like a lot of work on both ends to manage that.


Maltby Elementary PTO

Everything went great, one comment I would make is that on the paperwork that is sent including dates of the event. I didn't realize it wasn't on there so it was a bit confusing for parents. Otherwise we look forward to doing this again!


Jefferson Elementary School PTA

I think the read-a-thon was a great fundraiser. The only suggestion that I have is to note on the flyers that cash donations can be sent to the school as it was difficult relaying the message to our parents.

Westerly Elementary School

I love this easy to use and quick fundraiser. Our top 3 readers with sponsors received a KINDLE! I find that if you provide incentives along the way, students are super excited and more willing to participate. For the second year in a row, we raised over $9,000.00. The money that comes back to us is being saved for new and replacement playground equipment.


White Oak Primary

This was the first year for our school to participate in a Read A Thon fundraiser. We were very pleased with the result. It was efficient, easy to manage, fun, and our profit was more than expected! We will participate again!!
White Oak Primary School

Dickinson Elementary

It was an amazing experience for all of our kids!!!!


Bethany Christian Academy

This was our first year doing a Read-a-thon, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. It was easy to setup and communicate with teachers and readers. It would be great if there was a way to set multiple goal settings for each student, class, or school in regards to how many minutes to read or how much to raise.


Copper Creek Elementary

This fundraiser was very simple to run and put on. We made good money for our beginning of the year kick off. but decided for next year we will wait til spring to do as a final kick off to the school year and it will help us have more time to promote the event.

Jeannette McKee Elementary

We love this fundraiser! The only challenging part is setting up the often doesn’t center and turns sideways.

Armstrong Elementary

This was a fantastic fundraiser for us! Thank you!!


Mays Chapel PTO

This was aMAYSing for Mays Chapel!

Super easy to use and the kids loved it. Thanks for a great experience.

Grant Line Elementary

I have been pleasantly surprised at how well our read-a-thon did at our school. We had approximately 38% of students participate. We exceeded my personal goal of $5800. The staff was great to work with and the supplies were awesome. This is by far the best fundraiser I’ve personally contributed to. We are changing of the guards this year at our PTO, but I would chair this event again in a heartbeat for our school.


Laguna Elementary PTO

It was great. Although our numbers were not what I was hoping for-it was a very busy couple of weeks. Now that we know what to expect, we will set up committees and greatly improve our numbers next year. :)


MHSA Fundraiser

We just received our last payment from Read A Thon. We wanted to wait to leave this testimonial until we had finished the entire process. We had a wonderful experience throughout the entire set up, management, and close out. Any technical issues we had where taken care of quickly. We have run many fundraisers and this was by far one of the easiest! And the students really enjoyed participating. We would definitely do this again in the future.

the Bear Path PTA

Our Read-A-Thon was such an awesome experience. The students had so much fun and were so excited about reading! We doubled our fundraiser goal and it was so easy! The program is so organized and carefully planned out. The Read-A-Thon staff is always on hand and available to answer any question we had along the way. We will definitely host another Read-A-Thon next year.


Lake George Elementary PTA

It was a great experience and fund raiser. Our board is mostly new to this and we look forward to getting more corporate sponsorships next year.


Whiteman Elementary School

This program made our read-thon so much easier to manage!


Alvin S. Hatch Elementary

Our Read-A-Thon went really well! The Read-A-Thon folks were super helpful anytime I had a question and answered really quickly. Also we got started really late (*I* got started really late), and they shipped out materials ASAP to get us going. Super customer service. Thanks!


Muraski Elementary PTA

Overall just a few things that would be better, mostly from a technology standpoint. If people want to donate, and it is not possible to do with some systems, it would be great if that info was relayed to the people trying to donate. It was not clear that they should use paypal. We had quite a few users very frustrated. I don't want to lose any potential money because people can't get the system to work.


Wyoming Elementary

Thank you for the support around the READ-A-THON. It was a great experience and fun to watch the students work as a class around their goals. It would be great to have sample prizies to show students.


Jeannette McKee Elementary

This fundraiser was so simple to facilitate and easy to track. It was a welcomed change to selling the same items over the years. Not to mention, we raised just as much money! Highly recommended!

Mary Lilliard Intermediate

I LOVE this fundraiser! It is so easy and it encourages our kids to read!



We enjoyed the read-a-thon very much, and plan on participating again next year. Thank you!


Cole Valley Christian School

Everything ran smoothly.


St. Martha's School

Amazing fundraiser


Beaumont Elementary

This was the first fundraiser I’ve ever run by myself. I was shocked by how easy made it. The website interface was easy to understand and user-friendly. I would definitely recommend using to raise money for our school.


Greenbriar West Elementary

Great! Extremely easy to work with.


Hilltop Elementary

We love using you for our Read-A-Thon. This is an easy fundraiser while promoting reading. It's been fun to watch the students compete for the "Top Minutes Read" spot. We will you use you again next school year.


J.W. Alvey Elementary School

We love our read-a-thon! We plan to do it again next year.


Sandia Base Elementary School

We were overwhelmed with the phenomenal amount of support for our Read-A-Thon this year! We greatly surpassed the goal we set for our school this year.


Trinity PTA

We couldn't be more pleased with the Read-a-thon! The students were excited about reading and sharing their love of reading with others. The dashboard made the experience of monitoring the progress painless and we made more money than anyone thought possible given our demographics.

East Brookfield Elementary

Our school loved our Read-a-Thon! We are pleasantly surprised with how much money we raised in just two weeks. The communication through the website (especially the reports) was fabulous as was the color-copied personalized materials that were provided for each student. We could not have asked for anything more and plan on doing this again next year for our Read Across America Celebration in March. Thank you!!!!


Dudley PTO

For our second year in a row the Read A Thon was a great success for our schools!


Union Elementary PTO

Had a great experience, the only downside was the material that went home with the students needed more information about the event on it.

Franklin Monroe Elementary

The Read-A-Thon was a great way to raise money and support education at the same time.

Live Oak Middle School

This was the easiest fundraiser ever!


South Elementary

It was a great experience again. We did it in correlation with Virginia Reads One Book which worked well. You all do a great job of making this program user friendly. We personally thank you so much for helping our school earn much needed funds in a time that other funds are very limited.


Harrison Intermediate School

I loved using your Read-a-thon. It was just great that all the tracking was done and so easy to keep up with the status of our event. One problem I had was with the Cash Donations tab. When I tried to submit payment the transaction did not go through. I would either get no message, just a blank screen, or a message saying my bank card had expired, which it had not. Both, Scott in your tech support group and Kari Styne were very proactive in helping me process the transactions. Your support materials are excellent, as well as your customer support.

Lindbergh Elementary School

Our school absolutely loved this Read-a-Thon! We are very excited about the money that was raised for our school. We look forward to having another Read-a-Thon next year. Thank you!!


Parkway Elementary School

Our first Read-A-Thon was a great success! A fundraiser that encouraged the joy of reading while raising money for new technology in our school!

Positive Direction Basketball

This was a great way to encourage our basketball teams to read and we raised money along the way!

Bentley Elementary PTA

All in all, it went well for a Title 1 School. Ways to improve - 1. Include cash donation forms that can be sent home with children. As a Title 1 school, this would have been helpful. 2. Have a way to add sponsors who are donating items not money. For example, we are having a pizza party and we couldn't add the pizza place that donated pizza.


Wilburton Elementary

We were extremely pleased with this fundraiser and look forward to doing it again in the future. Our students came each day ready to read or have the teacher read to them. We also had community leaders come into our PK-3rd grade classes and read to them each day at 2:00 for three days.

Our entire community got behind this fundraiser and we loved it!

Thank You,

Miss Gilmore

Swans Creek Elementary

This was an easy fun way to make money. Our parents always say..."I would rather just write a check than buy something I don't want!"... this was a chance to do that while promoting reading! Double win! Angela Roth Swans Creek Elementary President.

Reed Elementary PTA

The only comment was people wanted the option to donate less than $15 online..., but as the admin I'd say keep it the way it is!!! ;)

Rincon Valley Christian School

Love it, easy to use, administer, get people involved. Families love it too


Williams Elementary School

The Read-A-Thon is great! It is a great way to raise money and encourage the students to read. The teachers had good feedback about the fundraiser and I exceeded my fundraising goal. The only thing that could improve my experience would be the reports. I would like more robust reports, with more information. I'd like to be able to run a report for a date range, and I would like the report to be in an Excel file format, not a CSV.


Ladd Lane School

We were very pleased with the Read-a-thon!!! The classes had contests with each other. A very fun program. I had a lot of questions and your staff was amazing. We will be doing this every year and probably twice a year from now on.


Sherman Elementary PTSA

This was the first time Sherman Elementary PTSA participated in the Read-A-Thon. What a great way to raise money for the school and not have to sell chocolate. Sherman will most definitely be raising money with Read-A-Thon next year. The support and staff were amazing! Sincerely, Jenny Boyle Sherman Elementary PTSA President


South Elementary

Thus far it has been a great experience. We would certainly do it again.

South Elementary

The program was great. The students were excited and it was limited work on an already overloaded staff and faculty.

Open Door Christian School PTF

The communications with the Read-A-Thon was fantastic!


Knoxville Elementary PTO

This was our first time doing a Read-a-Thon and I think it went great, and we plan to use it again in the future to help support our Elementary PTO!


Lackland PTSO

It was great!


DISD Dys. Dept.

Since I have such a large district, this fund raiser was PERFECT. The staff were quite helpful and friendly. It was the easiest way to make money I've ever tried! Thanks Read-A-Thon!


Eagle Rock Elementary School - 6th Grade

Thank you for providing an easy to implement platform for raising money! It was pleasure working with all of you. I enjoyed the ease of gathering and sharing data for each class and each reader. Thank you again!


STAR Academy PS 63

It was super easy and it was great way for parents and families to support the school readers! It is our biggest fundraiser of the year!


New Prague Middle School

You made doing the Read-a-thon very easy and it was user friendly. We had a great experience and did well our first time. We will be looking into continuing this every year!


Bethlehem Elementary

What a fun easy to manage fundraiser!


Lee F. Jackson PTA

We absolutely loved the ease of use of the website and the customer service support.

Two suggestions:

1) The free bracelets for the children really should be upgraded to plastic ones. The paper ones are too much of a hassle to put on the children.

2) There should be a place dedicated to showcase non-monetary sponsors. Not all companies support a Read-a-Thon with money and they should still be recognized. A smaller button with no link or a logo that appears in a different location would be ideal. A small fee can be paid for the activation if necessary.

Shallowford Presbyterian School

Great experience! So easy and super positive feedback from our school families!


Park Layne for United Way of Clark Champaign Ma

What a great way to fundraise for your own school or a charitable organization! We wanted to raise money to support the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which recently came to our community so decided to try this as our charitable fundraiser. It could not have been easier. I only had to upload staff and students and the rest was taken care of. Everything was super organized, no money to handle, no goods to distribute and kids were reading like crazy. We offered a small incentive for our top readers and fundraisers (throwing a pie in a staff members face) and talked it up on announcements each day. We raised almost $5,000 in just two weeks. Prizes came packaged by teacher and teachers said it was very easy from their standpoint as well. We plan to do a Read-a-Thon each year in conjunction with Read Across America week and donate the money to this great cause, improving literacy in our community.

Leetonia Elementary School

For our first time in such a small district I feel we did a great job, We should make 6,000.00. No other principal in this district has made this much money. We are in a very poor district in Columbiana County. I would love to do a Read-A-Thon again next year. It was very easy. One thing I would do differently is send out letters to businesses a lot sooner.

Thank you for all the help and support!

Eagle View Elem Pequot Lakes PTA

This is our 2nd read-a-thon with you and we love it! It's so easy and takes almost no volunteers to run.

Montessori Day Schools

Went well the children enjoyed it.


PS 159

We absolutely loved hosting our Second Annual Read-A-Thon! I do know that we had a lot of technology difficulties towards the beginning. The one suggestion is that when the timer is done, there should be a bell or some kind of sound to show that time is up.


Eureka Public Schools

It has been great! We've raised 3,000 and have only had to read to do it! Hoping we can get a bit more in the next week or so. I won't be the librarian next year so I don't know if they will do it again, but I hope so!


Live Oak Middle School

This is the easiest fundraiser I’ve ever done in 18 years as an educator!


United Children's Learning Academy

Read a thon was a great way for our school to raise money. The website and company was soo easy to use and I couldn't be happier about how it all turned out.

Aptos Junior High

Really love this fundraiser! Easy to do and the split is fantastic.


Buckeye PTC

Entering a reading session was confusing because of the two reading session tabs. It would be helpful if the texting option to ask to donate specifically said to enter your own cell number, not those you wanted to donate. Overall, this is a great fundraiser and super easy to run! Thank you!!!


Brighter Horizons Academy

An easy and no fuss way of promoting reading and raising funds! We were pleasantly surprised by the amount the students raised in such a short period of time. We will definitely use Read-a-Thon again in the next school year to raise funds for our Library programs!Thank you!

H. Clarke Powers School

A little learning curve at the start as this was our first Read-A-Thon but overall, it was easy!


This is such an easy fundraiser for the school and contributors. The online pages and social media ease make donations easy!


Middlesex Elementary School

We met our goal of $5000.00. For a first time project, we felt this was very successful. We will be doing this again.

Middlesex Elementary School

This was a great program and I think we did well for the 1st time. We will be trying again next year.

St. Aloysius School

Super fun and easy way to make money for our school!


Hilton Elementary School PTA

Our school had a wonderful experience with the Read-a-thon. It was so easy and the students loved to see who was logging the most minutes read. Thanks!

Dudley PTO

This was our first read a thon and it was easy to navigate and made fundraising so easy!


PS 159

We absolutely loved having the Read-A-Thon! We got such positive feedback from the parents and teachers. My only suggestion would be with the teacher timer, if could have it make a noise when time is up that would be really helpful. Sometimes our teachers are just so busy that they forget to look at the timer and could have added more minutes to reading if they would have know the timer was up. We can't wait till our next Read-A-Thon!


We love this fundraiser every year. The only suggestion from a parent is that if there was a higher amount button to pledge, their family and friends would have clocked that button. Easier to click $150 or $200 than to type it in. So several simply clicked the $100 button, but would have given more. Will participate again next year!



Very easy way to raise money and promote reading!


University Park Elementary Library

I loved how easy it was to promote and manage! I am so impressed by the power that raising funds through the Internet, has given us. I was SOO happy every morning when I looked at the new results!

One way I would improve it is by giving parents an instructional sheet on how to start, how things will look differently on a phone than on the laptop when they look for sponsors, etc. Many of them use phones instead of a computer at home. Some of the families in Alaska do not have Internet at home, they only have cell service. How much percentage will go to the child for buying extra prizes, etc. That is something I had to take time to explain to students in a library lesson, which was fine, but I could not reach the parents to explain. Thank you!

Note from RAT: Thanks for the great suggestions and so glad you loved the program. We will discuss your suggestions at one of our upcoming meetings.

Arroyo Del Oso PTA

Our Read-A-Thon went better than we expected it would! We made over a thousand dollars more than we projected in our budget!! This program was very easy to use and our students enjoyed having their own web page. The kids took pride in their reading efforts and were motivated by earning Rat Bucks.

St. Vincent School

This was a very smooth fundraiser! Look forward to doing this for the next school year. Thank you!


Enon Primary School

Read-a-thon was great! We met our school goal and it's so easy.


Shepherd Elementary

This Read-a-thon was such a low stress fundraiser. The staff was awesome to work with when I had questions! Thank you for an amazing fundraiser for our school!


Manuel A. Salinas Creative Arts Elementary

It was really fun watching all the donations come in and seeing the reading minutes go up. It was lots of fun.


Simon Reading Night

This was our first time doing the Read-a-thon and it exceeded our expectations. Our students were very excited as well as our staff. I can't wait until next year to host another Read-a-thon! Thanks again for your support!


Stanton-Smith Elementary

We earned the same amount of money we usually earn with a book fair, but without all the hassle. Love it!

I have been very pleased with your customer service. Replies to my emails are prompt and I am usually able to talk with someone on the phone when I call. <

The reporting features are awesome!

Columbia Middle School

The Read-A-Thon was a wonderful experience in our school. There are a few things that I would have preferred be different, but they're not necessarily a "fault" of the Read-A-Thon corporation. 1) Most of the materials are strongly geared towards younger kids. We are a middle school and I had to make most of the promotional material and informational videos myself. The items provided by Read-A-Thon were too juvenile for our school 2) We had a HUGE problem with the program duplicating minutes. Scott, in IT, was INCREDIBLE. A huge hats off to your entire customer service department. They were kind, gracious, and helpful; adeptly solving each problem. They are a CRUCIAL and UNIQUE part of your program and a major reason why our Read-A-Thon was successful. Overall, this was a fantastic experience for our school. My favorite moment was half way through the first week, when one student said to another, "This is WAY better than a book fair." Thank you so much for enlivening the joy of reading in our school.


Community Problem Solvers

We loved hosting a Read a Thon!! Everything went very smooth.

Thank you so much for helping us raise money for a great cause.

Wells Elementary PTO

Great site! Very easy to use.


Church of the Redeemer Christian School

We appreciate Readathon and have done three in the last 18 months, raising nearly $20,000. 


Sugarmill Elementary

This was an awesome fundraiser. I will definitely do it again next year. It was beneficial to our students and a great way to raise money. The teachers loved it. I have recommended it to all of the media specialists in our county.


St. Ann Catholic School

This has been a great fundraiser for our school! The principal and teachers did an amazing job of getting the kids excited and reading. The families loved the opportunity to share a fundraiser with family they normally can’t “sell” to. The Read-A-Thon immediately followed a very successful fundraiser and we were still able to blow our goal out of the water. (Our expectations were low after realizing we had timed the 2 fundraisers back-to-back.). We will definitely do a Read-A-Thon again!!!


Jackson Elementary PTA

Students and teachers loved the Read-a-Thon! It generated a lot of excitement for reading (and the prizes!)


Roots Public Charter School

Roots Public Charter School is delighted with the results of the read-a-thon. It was a magnet for engaging students to read and get sponsors. It also encouraged community businesses to support and advertise through this activity. We ran our read-a-thon for a month. Our small school of students (115 Pk3-5th grade)read a total of 7,890 leisure minutes for the month and we raised $5,060.

Each Monday, the students who created their read-a-thon pages, or recruited sponsors, and read leisurely were awarded lunch with the Principal. On the last day of the read-a-thon, those who had at least $50 from sponsors and read at least 100 minutes were awarded bowling with the Principal.

Roots plans to do a read-a-thon every November.

Westwood School

What a FANTASTIC and simple way to encourage reading and raise money!

Tatanka PTO

We utilized this program 2 years ago, then last year decided to do on our own. After evaluation, decided to go through your program again. You make it easy. Staff super helpful! Wouldn't change anything about this program. However, I did have a few families mention they were worried about on-line safety!


Melridge Elementary PTO

Read-a-thon went great. We will likely do this again next year.


Auburn Elementary

Our students loved the Read-a-thon. We will definitely be using it again!


Richard Gordon PTA

A great fundraiser - very easy, and who doesn't want their kids to read!

Marietta Center for Advanced Academics

This is a fundraiser the school will likely try again in the future. This was an initial test run and it seemed to work well. I would love to see us do it again in a bigger way. Thank you for your help with getting us from the start to the finish line!


Columbus Gifted Academy PTO

Our read-a-thon was a great success


Freire Charter Middle School

We loved the Read-A-Thon! It was super organized and easy to administer. Whenever I had questions, everyone was informative and pleasant. I highly recommend the Read-A-Thon to promote literacy while fundraising for your organization.


Rosemont ES

We loved it!


GLOBE Charter School

Thank you to all who helped with the first Read-A-Thon! The kids did a great job!

Grahamwood Elementary

The read-a-thon went well for the first year. I plan to have another one and fixing any of the problems we occurred this first year.


Mile High Academy

This fundraiser was AMAZING! It was super easy, and extremely successful! I never dreamed that we would raise over $3,000 for our small school in such a short time, with so little effort!

Our experience was incredible. The read-a-thon staff were very friendly, helpful, and prompt in their replies, particularly Kari!

La Sierra Academy Elementary

Our Read-A-Thon went well. Your staff has been very helpful.


Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Day School of Whitestone

This is by far the most effective fundraiser bringing academia and fundraising togther! This is our second year participating and wehave made it an annual highlight.

West Melbourne Elementary School for Science

Read a Thon was a great success!! It was fabulous seeing the whole school drop everything and read. The fund raiser was easy to set up and a breeze to run! Thanks.

Connolly School PTA

Our experience with your company was great. The ladies I spoke to were very helpful


Mckinney Elementary

It went well. Thanks for your help!


Wake Academy

To start: We LOVE this method of fundraising! It is simple, easy to promote and definitely offers families and friends a feel good way to support our school.

For just 30 students, the fact that we were able to raise an average of over $150 per student is amazing. Much better than any other fundraiser we have looked at trying.

All in all, great fundraiser that went smoothly and we will use again!

Brooklyn Blue Feather PTO

This was the easiest fundraiser our school has ever held! We will definitely hold another one next year!


Shalimar Elementary

Overwhelming very well for the first time. We will definitely be participating again.


Spring Valley

It was a great experience. We will be doing this again next year, especially now that we know what we are doing.


W. H. Ford School

Thank you for all you have done to help organize and run our Read A Thon.


W.H. Ford School

Regina, SK, Canada


Fort Washington Forest PTSA

This was a good event. You have to do one to understand how it works. There are a ton of great tools for teachers and students. Thanks for a great site, and a great event. We will be doing this again.


John Marshall Elementary

This was a wonderful fundraiser for our school! Thank you for your help in setting up and answering questions.


Pershing Pine Castle Elementary PTA

This was highly successful for us. We are a small school and last year's Read-A-Thon earned our PTA around $1800 without an on line donation option. With the online donation option, quality advertising and huge principal support this year's Read-A-Thon earned us over $4500! I'd say it was a huge success!


William McKinley Elementary Booster Club

Hi there! You guys made it super easy to have this read-a-thon. Thanks for everything! Liz


Bernardo Elementary

Thank you. This was a very good experience.

Arcadia Christian School

It was a wonderful fundraiser! We had great success and we hope to do this every year!


Voyager Elementary School

The read-a-thon was easy to set up, easy to promote via email and social media, and our school had excellent participation!


Immaculate Conception Catholic School

Our Read-a-Thon went well. We were delighted with amount of money that was raised, without selling overpriced products! Reading sessions were held in class and readers and were intrigued with the program.

Therese Guimaraes

Beagle Elem PTO

Have more of a library of documents explaining it to parents, ways to increase donations and pledge sheets.

Have a person that supports the schools before and during the event, to help give ideas on how to make it successful.


Hilltop Home and School Association

We love the Read-a-Thon, very user friendly and great earning potential.

University Settlement

Everything went well with our Read-A-Thon. We raised more money than anticipated and it has been the most successful fundraiser ever for the School. The only suggestion I’d have is to make the various models for fundraising more visible, as I was under the impression only the prize model was available.


Auburn Hills Christian School

This was a great fundraiser for our whole school project: an aquaponic, organic vegetable garden!

Polaris K-12

It was a great success! My students loved tracking their minutes and building their reading stamina. I did get a lot of feedback from parents that setting their child up was confusing and so they were not able to do it. As a teacher, I would like to see what the student set up process looks like so I can talk to parents trouble shooting it.


Galarza Elementary

Teachers enjoyed the simplicity in the event without having to collect money and the emphasis on reading. A few concerts were prize levels were set to high for this community.


Chesterfield Academy

We love having the Read-A-Thon each year! As a small, privately owned preschool it can be hard to raise any significant amount of money; the Read-A-Thon triples what we can raise using other typical fundraisers. Our families respond to the ease of this fundraiser and the fact that it is education based.

As the administrator I would like to be able to go into a specific teachers class from my dashboard and log minutes. Currently, I have to either log a session for the whole school or log in as that teacher. Not all of our teachers have an Ipad or other device in their room, so as the administrator it would be nice if that were easier to do from my page. Also, the teachers request that they see the messages left for their kids on their classroom page. Individual pages have the messages and our group page, but each classroom having their messages would be encouraging for the teachers.

Note from RAT: Great suggestions. I will bring them up in our next planning session and will probably implement them.

Fields Elementary PTA

We LOVED the ease of this read-a-thon.


Norman Rockwell PTA

The Read-A-Thon program has really been easy to use and run. All of the online tools are available to run a successful Fundraiser. Also, if you have a question, the staff is only a phone call away and they were always helpful. We will definitely use the Read-A-Thon program again to raise money for our school.


Logan Elementary PTO

I would love to have the date of donation added to the All Donations by Reader report. It would be useful in being able to see most recent donations.


Westwind Elementary

This was a great experience!

Hooks Elementary

This was one of the best and easiest fundraisers.

Imagine Me

Our first Read-a-thon was a seamless success. We were able to encourage our students to develop a love for reading while earning over $ 3,000 to support school activities! If you want your students to grow as readers, this is the fundraiser for you.


Leon Springs Elementary

This was an easy, effective fundraiser!

Pine Island Elementary

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fundraiser! No selling!!! Enough said!!

Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts

Best library fundraiser we have ever done! I'd never go back!


Leonardo Da Vinci Health Sciences Charter School

Thank you Read-A-Thon for having such a fun easy fundraising tool! Our school is health


Scotland Scotties

This was our first year attempting a Read-a-Thon. We were pleasantly surprised with the turnout and anticipate doing this again next year!


Watkins Stars

I'm extremely pleased with the results of our first Read-A-Thon. Very user friendly platform and parents did a great job helping their children get sponsorship. Our Pre-K students read (or were read to) over 50,000 minutes in two weeks! I can't wait to do this again next year!

Glengary Elementary PTA

By far the easiest fundraiser to run at our school. Our students we excited to log in their reading minutes during March is reading month. We hope to have several more participants next year. Thank you for making this so easy for our PTA and parents!


Father John V. Doyle School

The read-a-thon was very easy to roll out thanks to your assistance and all of the materials you provided. The prize center is always an incentive, but I had some families that were willing to opt out of the prizes in order to give the earning back to the school. Maybe that could be considered in the future? My final suggestion would be for it to be mandatory for all families to enter an email when creating their pages. That way we could have utilized the messaging more effectively.


Boonville Elementary

This is our first read-a-thon. We feel it's gone smoothly and we are happy with the results. Kari, our customer service rep, was amazing. She answered all of our questions quickly and efficiently. Our teachers have commented on how much they've enjoyed the read-a-thon and how motivating it has been for students.

Franklin Early Childhood Center

We loved our read-a-thon! It was the perfect way for our school to promote our amazing reading programs and encourage our students to read, especially with family and friends.


Harmony Science Academy-Garland

I really like the easiness of the Read-A-Thon. It is practically set up for you. However, the only challenge I ran into which affected the money raised is getting our elementary parents to set up accounts/send out sponsor emails. So suggestions, such as possibly having parents send 5 or so emails to school with the child and we manually set up may be helpful.

St. Philip Neri Catholic School

We raised more money than I had thought possible while promoting reading with our students. I heard from several parents that they enjoyed this program, not only because it was so easy for them, but also because they loved that their kids were excited about reading.

Grand Avenue Elementary School

Grand Avenue School is absolutely thrilled and amazed at the results of our first ever GRAND READ-A-THON! We couldn't have done it without you. All of our readers and donators should celebrate our successes. Teamwork is the key to success!


Skyline Elementary PTO

This was great!


Summit Academy

We really enjoyed the read-a-thon. The kids and staff seemed to be excited!

Brooklyn Arts and Science Elementary School

Our Read-A-Thon went great.Thanks to your team for being supportive and extremely helpful. We are looking forward to participating again.

Orono Discovery Center

Loved it!


Farley PTO

Went great! Will use it in the futurw


Marshall Elementary PTA

I think the overall experience was great! It was a great way to get students invested in reading.


Chesterfield Academy

We are a small non for profit preschool and this is by far our most successful fundraiser every year!! We love it because it is education based and we are not asking the parents to buy things they do not need or sell things to friends and family that they don't need. We love Read-A-Thon!


San Fernando Valley Academy

I love this program, i just wished I knew how to get more involvement.


Eagle Bay Elementary

Super easy to set up and administer. We will for sure hold another in the future!


The Read-a-Thon was an easy and hugely successful way to raise money to purchase books for our summer reading project! Our goal was to raise $3300, and we raised over $3,500! The interface for the dashboard was easy and helpful along the way. It is so nice to have the copies mailed and sent to you as well as organized by classroom. Kari was very helpful throughout the process as I had many questions. We are planning to hold the Read-a-Thon next year to raise money for another endeavor.

Blue Ridge Campus

This was our first time and it went smoothly. We had a difficult time starting due to weather and getting students to participate. That's whey we decided at the last minute to enter all students thanks to the quick work of your staff. Support was always available as needed. Yes, we will be participating again next year.


White Sands School PTA

As a small K-8, this program seemed to work out. Each student had a great support team and the comment were awesome. It was hard to find businesses who could buy ads or donate money. That said some were very supportive in donating items for top readers/fundraisers. The website seemed to be glitchy at times (student page login, reports, payment, etc). Could use some fliers for the final days (picking prizes before suspense). Soon, we will see how the kids like their prizes and how the pay out works. The support team were fantastic, checking on stasticking tus, sending the materials, and promptly answering questions.


Pomeroy Elementary

Hello The Read A Thon went fantastic! We would like to have more tools in Spanish made available as we have parents who have English as a second language. Materials geared toward special education as well would be beneficial as we now have that population. Our school really got behind this, we had a book sale at a local bookstore, guest reader and exceeded our plan by almost $2,000!



This was incredible! Such a simple and yet meaningful way to raise money for our class. The only thing that would have helped would be to have a helpful video for parents on how to activate their child's profile.


Butler Elementary

Would love to see videos geared more towards upper elementary students. Love the updates to the website.


John P. Faber Elementary

Awesome program! We loved it. My contact Tiffany was so helpful and got right back to me when I emailed with questions.


South Arbor Academy

For our first time we raised over $3,700.00, this is amazing.

I look forward to hearing from teachers and students how we can improve for next year.

Thank you,

Cheryl Kinsler Greenough at South Arbor Academy

Casa de Oro Elementary PTA

Thank you so much for providing a fun and educational fundraiser! We love how easy to navigate the website was, and also the materials provided. We will definitely do this again!

Leon Springs Elementary

I loved the simpleness of the read-a-thon. It would great if kids could create their own goals to at least show sponsors.


New Emerson STEAM School

This was our second of many more Read A Thons to come. It is easy and very user friendly to manage. We love all the printed materials that are included to in this program.


Donaldson PTO

Our read a thon went well. Very easy to use. We already have ideas on how to improve the next one!


Miami Children's Museum Charter School

MCMCS loves Read-a-Thon!!!

F. C. Weinert Elementary

We enjoyed our read-a-thon. We had a lot of parents say that they like this fundraiser much better over the fundraisers where you sell things. We even had a reading time at the school where we invited all grandparents to come read with their grandchildren on grandparents day. It was well attended even with the rain that day. Thank you for providing a different way to do a fundraiser for our school while encouraging them to read.


Knight Elementary PTA

Read-a-thon was incredibly easy to do and everyone involved loved it - administrators, teachers, media specialists, PTA, parents and students. Thank you!


Trenton Elementary

we had a better go at it this year. Last year was low participation. This year so much better.


Park Layne for United Way of Clark Champaign Ma

Another successful read-a-thon. Super easy to manage, kids excited about reading and money raised for a very worthwhile cause. Thanks!


Logan Elementary PTO

Our Read-A-Thon was great! It was easy to disseminate information to our students, teachers, and parents. The various reports available were very useful in promoting competition between classes. I would like a way to be able to sort individual donations by date.


Beech Springs Intermediate School

The Read-A-Thon was a great experience and unlike any other fundraiser our school has ever participated in. It was easy on the teachers, and the students loved being able to pick out their prizes in the prize store. It was also nice that each child got a prize just for setting up their reader page. We had a great turnout, and we will be participating in the program again next year!

McClelland School

This was an incredible experience for our students. We were able to raise money for our school in the simplest way possible, but more importantly it spurred our students on to read. They were so excited about reading! They loved to check their minutes and each class set their own goals! You could hear the classes cheering when they reached their reading goal! Thank you for making this such a positive experience. We will be doing it again next year!


Longwood Elementary School

With this being our first experience with our school. We feel like this was a huge success! We love how seamless your program is. The one thing that we wish you would bring back is the promo video with the mouse. We feel like it is more appealing.

Lanigan PTG

It went really well. I wish there was clearer instructions as to how everything worked. Once things got started it was easier, but prepping teachers for it was a little hard. Some didn't know what was going on. Other than that, It was a great experience.


Betty Morgan Scholarship Fund

Thanks for helping run a successful and easy read-a-thon. We will use it again for sure!

7th District Elementary PTA

Thank you for this exciting opportunity! We were able to raise money for our classroom libraries and it was so easy to do! We look forward to sharing our new books with our students and continue to promote successful readers throughout our school!
Thank you Read-A-Thon!!

Norman Rockwell PTA

Thank you, our first read-a-thon went really well! It was kind of an experiment so I was pleasantly surprised at how much we raised. Kari, especially, was super helpful--every time I called with questions or emailed, it was her who responded.

Again, thanks for everything!

Myriam Pollock
Norman Rockwell Elementary

Woodland Heights Elementary

I enjoyed the ease of the program , my only suggestion is to better explain how it works on the parent sheets.


Picotte Elementary

We loved the pre-printed documents and how easy it was for the teachers to add minutes and for the parents to share the link to family members and collected donations.

Holy Family School

It went well for the first one we ever had.


Club Estates Elementary

The students really enjoyed the read-a-thon! It was a great success for us.


Tonkawa Elementary School

This was our first time using the online read a thon. It was wonderful. They made everything so easy to do. The students loved the safari theme. I am already looking forward to next year's event.


Deer Creek Elementary

We had a good first experience with Read-A-Thon. The most important thing was our students read over 62,000 minutes! Read-A-Thon has proven to be a great piece in our goal of building a culture of readers at Deer Creek. In the future, I would like to see a bank of instructional tutorials on using the site. For instance, a video of students spending their RAT Bucks, etc. The support has been great. We will definitely consider doing this again next year.

Gale Student Council

Easiest fundraiser I've ever done! Kids loved doing it!

South Arbor Academy

The Read-a-thon went well and I appreciate all your support!


Grand Avenue Elementary School

All of Grand Avenue would like to thank you so much for your support! Our Read-A-Thon was a great success and we look forward to building our classroom libraries with new books.


Royal ECC

Fantastic way for my PK and K students to raise money for projects!!

St. Anne School

This was our first time doing the Read A Thon. What an easy to navigate program. I could see so much information about the minutes read and the money raised. I received a lot of support from the company which made everything so much easier. We will definitely participate again!!

Shea Parthun
Saint Anne School

Fullerton Elementary PTA

So easy to use and so organized!!!

Manzanita Elementary

This read-a-thon has been a great experience for our school. We have used it as a way to promote reading and to help raise funds for equipment. I will do it again!



I have had a good experience and i would like to send my special thanks to Kari who have been helping me organize the read a thon. Thank you


Powells Lane School PTA

Overall, I think it has been very successful and will consider holding another one next year. I do think the FAQ information should be clearer that if you select the prize model option the school is not entitled to any remaining money the students do not spend.


McGhee Elementary PTA

This was very easy to do! You offered great support and all the supplies. We are considering ways to increase involvement next year. Thank you!


Silverdale Elementary School

Fantastic fundraiser with very little effort on our part!

Wells Elementary PTO

We had a great read-a-thon, all the money goes to our teachers for supplies in there classroom. Thank you.


Hilliard Horizon PTO

This fundraiser was great and so easy! I was able to admin it on my own, which meant a lot because we don't have a large pool of parent volunteers to draw from. Tiffany and Kari were incredibly helpful and supportive. And I really think our families liked the ease of having an online donation option! The words of encouragement for our students were very heart-warming to read. Thanks for everything Read-a-Thon!


George Seitz Elementary

The Read-A-Thon exceeded our expectations. It was an easy way to fundraise while encouraging the Students to read. The feedback from the parents and teachers was very positive and everyone was happy to support a good cause while earning money for the school.


South Broward Montessori Charter School

This was our first RAT, an amazing experience !!!! Thank you !


Clear Spring Elementary

We loved using!! We will be using you again next year for sure!!


Manara Academy

This is an amazing fundraiser that always keeps our kids and parents engaged! Thank you!

Casey Elementary

This was our 1st time hosting a Read-A-Thon and we think it went VERY well! We are excited to make this an annual event and increase our fundraising goal for our school's library. Thank you for making the process easy and user friendly. We have received lots of positive feedback from our school's families. Thank you! Sincerely, John Garcia Casey Librarian


Martin Walker Elementary PTA

I loved this program it was so easy to administer. I think the one thing I would work on for next year is to try to make it more competitive here on campus. We did not know what to expect so we didn't push it as hard as we could have.

Kirksey Elementary

We really enjoyed participating in the read-a-thon. It was so easy to do and everyone was extremely helpful with any questions we had.

Luther Jones Elementary School

This was the best and easiest fundraiser I have ever been involved in. The people at the Read-A-Thon customer service - helpdesk are amazing. Keri was my contact and every time I had a question she was always so nice and quick with a response. The kids loved it. the parents loved it and so did all the teachers.

Allen Avenue Elementary PTA

This was the easiest fundraiser we've hosted. It practically runs itself! The materials were sorted and ready for classroom distribution. I saved hours of volunteer time by running this read-a-thon.

Sunderland Elementary School

Our read-a-thon was a great success. It was great to support our library through reading!


St. Ambrose School

The Read-A-Thon was a fun and easy fundraiser for our school!



For our first time it went great! The easy of use was nice. Looking forward to next year and building it up more.

Ritter School

Went well, it was a great experience.

New Franklin Elementary School

You have wonderful staff who are very informative and supportive. Kari was wonderful.

Kennedy Elementary School

Our families loved it and participation exceeded our expectations!


Carl Junction Schools

Everything went very smooth with our Read a Thon. This program is so easy to use and a great way to get students involved. I loved how friendly and helpful the staff is. I appreciated the fact that I could just email our list and they would upload them for me. Thank you!


Woodall Public Schools

What a great fundraiser!!!!!

Weddington Elementary

All in all we enjoyed our experience with read a thon. It would have been nice to get a few extra wrist bands because not all of our students got one even though they had a take home sheet. That was our only problem besides helping parents and community members understand what the read a thon was all about and being willing to invest in it.

McDonald Elementary School

Considering this was our first attempt at an online fundraiser AND the fact that we were hit by Hurricane Matthew and missed eight school days, we did surprisingly well. Kari Styne was extremely helpful and patient with ALL the questions I had. She always responded quickly and positively.

From the very beginning, this has been such an enjoyable and stress free experience. The printed personalized letters were very impressive and the donation pages the students created with their picture in the video was adorable. The report choices were so helpful in keeping our students informed on our progress during morning announcements. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Eagleswood Elementary

This was such a amazing fundraiser. It really got kids more interested in reading more!

Robin Hill School

We loved this experience. Thank you for helping make this a successful event for our school.


Hill Elementary PTA

Hands down the best fundraiser we have ever utilized! So easy to use and Customer Service was BEYOND helpful!

Thank you thank you thank you! We are so grateful!!!


This read-a-thon really made my students excited about reading! Throughout the year its hard to keep them motivated to read, this was a great way to ignite the love of reading!



This was a great fundraiser. It was easy to do because the Read-a-Thon team helped with every step of the way.


Lee F. Jackson PTA

The Lee F. Jackson Read-a-Thon was great. The website is easy to setup and is easy to use.


Sidney Lanier Vanguard Orchestra

I loved how simple and easy this process was. It's a great idea and I really like the paperless aspect of it!

Jackson-Milton Elementary

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this way. All of my materials came organized and personally addressed to each of my students. This was our first year hosting a Read-A-Thon, but this will definitely become something that we do annually!

Sonoran Science Academy-Broadway

Having the read-a-thon for an extended period was a big improvement in our donations. Thanks to all those who participated!

EAGLE College Prep 4th Grade

What an amazing and academic way to raise money for your class or school

Mt. Aetna Adventist School

Wow. The easiest and best read-a-thon ever. Thank you!

L. L. Beazley Elementary

Everybody at Read-A-Thon is so helpful and we were able to raise even more money this year. Wonderful!


Meadow Hall PTA

Went very well. Thanks for having such a user-friendly website!


Middle Creek Elementary

The Read-A-Thon team Rocks!!!

Coleman Elementary

Kids at Coleman loved participating in this Read-A-Thon! It was our first one and incredibly successful. We stressed minutes read vs. money collected to celebrate and create a habit and love of reading. This was a great and easy way to support our goal.


Ottawa Christian Academy

The Read-A-Thon was a huge success for our small school.


South Broward Montessori Charter School

This is a great program thank You ! We love it !


Woodall School

It was fantastic and the perfect fund raiser for my reading lab.


Brookside PTA

The program was great. The customer support team was also amazing. They were very helpful along the way. In addition the kids and parents enjoyed this fundraiser very much!


Kingsland Charter School

So fun and very successful


St. Ambrose School

The Read-A-Thon went well - the customer service we received from Tiffany, for any questions we had along the way, was excellent! Thank you.


Parrish School First Grade

It went well. This was a great fundraiser for our school. Thank you.


Battiest Elementary

It was great and easy! Thank you!

Westchester Intermediate PTO

It was simple to run, we enjoyed it!


Sory Elementary Library

WE did not have an opportunity to have a Kick Off celebration, and then our staff meeting was cancelled. These two factors really got us off to a slow start. We will be trying again in the Spring.

Overall, a good experience with you.

San Fernando Valley Academy

The teachers felt it was a great way to raise money and we will definitely try to do it once per year. We just need to build up parental and student support.

Queensview Nursery School and Kindergarten

It was great!


St. Robert Bellarmine School

It was super easy and we loved the experience. We will definitely be doing this again!


Clear Lake Christian School

It was easy. Read-A-Thon Staff were helpful many times and fast to respond.

Rising Sun Montessori School

This is our first year doing a Read-a-Thon. We didn't do a lot of heavy promoting, mostly internal with our students. We only hung up the posters provided in the kit, did a few postings internally and on our Facebook page. Overall, this was the biggest fundraiser for our school, so we will continue to host Read-a-Thons hereafter and will increase the way we promote the event, getting our students more involved as well as the community.

Richmond Academy

We are so happy to have found Read-a-thon. It was a simple and yet effective way fundraiser. We are one step closer to our goal of buying a new school bus.


Word of God Academy

I've been thrilled with the customer service experience I have had with RAT. I had a few small problems that I emailed about and they were solved almost instantly.

I LOVE the new option to do away with prize center, which allowed me to reward my students in more creative ways, and allowing us to use more of our money.

Overall the RAT is a fantastic experience for just about everyone involved!

It is a simple way to raise more money than any of my other efforts while focusing on what is really important- students reading!

Oak Ridge PTA

Thank you very much for you help kicking off our first Read-A-Thon! It was kind of a last minute decision for us and it still turned out well. We hope to have another one next year and maybe make it an annual event!

Thank you again!

Jordan Linnenkugel
Oak Ridge PTA
Lubbock, Texas


Great way to earn money for PTA and get kids reading!

Fair Oaks Preschool

This was a very easy process!

South Euless Elementary School

We loved the ease of this fundraiser! Thank you!


Plato Academy St Petersburg

This was easy and your staff was wonderful. We can't wait to do it again next year. Some families had issues setting up their pages and making donations but it was cleared up quickly.


Valley Falls Elementary

Everything seemed to work well for us. Your company helped us along the way. Next step is wrapping things up.

Richford Elementary School

Very fun experience for the students and a great way to have a fundraiser and make it educational.

Promise Land Academy

I loved this concept! For the first year I think things went very well. Perhaps there could be more pre-event videos that we can send to parents sprior to the start of the fundraiser to get them a little more excited. My students had fun and I loved how we could interact via social media. Thanks for a great first year! I look forward to doing this again next year!



This has been the easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done. The girls had the added benefit of bettering themselves through reading and learning. Thanks for making it great!


Herma S. Simmons Elementary

It was an awesome way to fundraise! Looking forward to doing it again soon!


Enterprise Elementary

Loved how easy it was!!!


Ticasuk Brown Elementary

The students and I enjoyed the read-a-thon. I will be doing this fundraiser again next school year, never have I found something so easy for both the students and myself.


Oak Grove Elementary

This was my very first Read-A-Thon and I cannot wait until our next one. What a wonderful way to encourage and promote reading at home and at school!


Charter School for Applied Technologies

Loved it! So easy and soooo glad the handouts were printed by Read-a-Thon instead of having to do it myself!


Fort White High School

We are very happy with our results. Our principal promised that if we met our goal, then he would dye his hair for a day.

The class that raised the most gets to pick the color. So, we are going to have a pizza party with our Top Readers and Top Raisers and dye his hair. We are going to pass out prizes at the party so it should be a great day.

Banyan Elementary PTA

This was our first Read-a-thon and it was great. Super easy to set up and manage. Some feedback that we got from parents was they wished for easier access to the students rather than having to go through the set up process every time. Other than that it was great and the kids are excited to go shopping.

Thank you!

KIPP Comienza Community Prep Upper School

We loved the read-a-thon and we will definitely participate next year.


Peters Elementary PTA

We had a wonderful experience with Read-A-Thon! Kari helped us every step of the way and was fantastic! She was a huge help and answered all of our many, many questions right away. We raised more money than a lot of our board members expected and believe it will be even better next year when we pursue business sponsors. Looking forward to doing another Read-A-Thon next year.


Sand Ridge Elementary

Everything went well, very easy to set and everything that we needed was provided. Would definitely do it again next year

Mission Kidz Child Care

Super Easy, will definitely do it again!


Pittman Elementary

We had great success again this year. Our initial papers to send home did not have student names printed on them. That caused some problems, but we were able to re-print pages with names on them.


Norfolk Highlands Primary

I love how helpful the staff is. Every step, I had someone contacting me to make sure I had everything I needed. Great!


Horizon Elementary School

This has been a great tool for raising much-needed additional funds for our library.


Acton Cooperative School

A Read-a-Thon is an easy way for an organization to raise money while promoting the joy of reading.



This was our PTO’s first year using and it was a very postitive experience. The website was easy to navigate and understand. We loved the personalized color copies that came to us sorted and stapled by class. This was very helpful and ensured that we got the materials distributed on time.


Reynolds 5th Grade Camp-PTO

It was easy and the support center was helpful with my questions. We will definitely do this again.


Herma S. Simmons Elementary

This is a great way to raise money to support initiatives at your school! This is the second year we have conducted a Read-A-Thon and it has been extremely successful.


Sory Elementary Library

We LOVED the simplicity of this fundraiser! Thank you!

Dora Erickson Elementary PTO

This really encouraged our students to read more and got them excited about reading!


Glen Haven Elementary

We plan to do this again next year!

Wilburn PTA

Our read-a-thon went well. It was a great way to jumpstart reading and fundraising at our school. We can't wait to host another one!

Kenmore Middle School

This was a wonderful event at our school! Our students were engaged, excited and enthusiastic! We look forward to doing another Read-A-Thon next school year!

Belle Plaine Elementary

Our Read-a-thon went very well. It is easy to run for great returns. I like that the Read a thon admin covers everything for us, even sorting and sending the prizes. I also like that the directions on the website are easy to follow and have videos for when I needed extra support.


Simi Valley Adventist School

This program was so easy to run, and we had so much fun. We will use the system again next year and hope to raise even more. Thank you to the staff at R-A-T for all the help and patience as we worked our way through the program!

Simi Valley Adventist School

Sugar Hill Elementary

i thought your website was easy to use, and thought it was a cute idea.

we may try you again next year!

Lowell PTA

This was awesome! Thank you!


Zane North PTA

Thank you to the staff of Read-A-Thon! It was very easy to manage the website during this time and customer service was always nice, pleasant, and questions were always addressed in a timely manner. Thank you for all of your help! Also, the printing material looked fabulous!

Melrose Elementary

We Love Read-a-Thon!


St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

Our inaugural Read-A-Thon was a big hit with our students. We plan to host a Read-A-Thon at the start of each school year using We were pleased with the support we received to troubleshoot system bugs and we look forward to a more productive run next school year.



I have been so very impressed with Read-A-Thon since I first contacted them about doing a fundraiser! How they handle everything takes so much off the organizers! I loved how they sent everything in labeled packages, with dates for handout, as well as how easy the website was to navigate. The families and staff were very supportive and made running it very fun and stress free. I will definitely plan another one for next year!

Little Tots Montessori

This was the EASIEST fundraiser I have ever personally been involved with. Not only is there very little work to do to promote it, but the families who did get involved actually came and participated by reading to their child's class.

Next time we will try to get more families involved though because not even half of our center families participated...imagine what we could do if at LEAST half of them did!!

Holy toledo!! So exciting!!!

St. Martin Upper Elementary

The Read-a-thon went really well for our first time. I am already looking forward to next year. Now that our staff knows what to expect and do, we will be more successful.


Shaw Elementary

This has been an awesome experience! Thanks so much!


Giberson 4th Grade!

I cannot believe we made as much money as we did! Thank you for the great opportunity!!!

Lot Whitcomb Elementary School

This fund raiser was easy to administer and our community liked it. Students were happy to read and participate.


This was a great experience and fun and easy fundraiser for our school!!!! We loved it!!!

Belle Plaine Elementary

Read-a-thon was a great experience for our school. The staff was very helpful. The website was easy to maneuver through. We will do read-a-thon again.

John Adams Elementary School

It went well. Easy to operate. We just struggle geeting all students to create a webpage and sharing through social media. We have a very small percent of students who raise the money for the Read-A-Thon.


Naomi Pasemann Elementary

This was my first time running the read-a-thon and I had a few hiccups. I feel I learned a lot, but was disappointed in our total :/. I would love if the starter kit was an auto ship once all classes have been entered to ensure that it arrived before the start date. I didn't realize I needed to order it and did not receive it until the end of the week in our first week of the read-a-thon. Overall, I think the idea is great and hope next year will be better!

Zane North PTA

Thank you to ALL of the Read-A-Thon crew, especially Tiffany and Colby, for your support, help, and willingness to help our Read-A-Thon fundraiser for Zane North PTA. It was very nice to work with such a great team and know our questions are always answered in such a short time with detailed answers. We look forward to working with you again next year for Read Across America Week! Take care! Sandra Nesbitt Treasure Zane North PTA 2017-2018


Kingsland Charter School

Great experience! Thank you!


Classical Conversations Sacramento

Great program.

Classical Conversations Sacramento

Great program.

Walkersville Elementary

I thought the Read-a-thon went well. I loved the booklet that was sent out with the calendar of dates for when to begin things and send home the papers. Very organized. I would love to see a better kickoff video that appeals to both primary and intermediate grades.

Waterloo PTO

We loved the Read-A-Thon!!! Thank you for providing this opportunity. We plan to take advantage in the future, please don't go away.


Heritage Elementary Archery

This is an awesome fundraiser. Your process is so easy and guided. The customer service support is great as well. Everyone that we have dealt with have been great. Thank you for Read-A-Thon!

Williams Township School

Awesome !


Xenia Preschool

I was very pleased with our read-a-thon for our very first fundraiser ever!. My building is a preschool building and we are just introducing families to a positive school experience and this one was easy and educational! Thank you!


Neblett Elementary

I must say, this has been the easiest fundraiser I have been associated with since I started here at Neblett Elementary.

Pomeroy PTA

This was a great first experience for us. We will definitely do this again and have it on the calendar to do it the fall of the new school year 2017.

Reeceville Elementary

We loved the read-a-thon. It would be nice if administrators could leave updates/posts on the school group page. I also think it would be nice if supporters could view the school group page as well as the student's page.


Fernandez Elementary

It was awesome!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. We will be doing it again next year.


Perdido Elementary/Middle School

This was a very "do-able" fundraiser that motivated our students to read to help our school raise money for our library - a definite "win-win" for any school librarian!!

Children's Synergistic Learning Collaborative

We enjoyed the read a thon for the second year in a row!

We were glad to have the option of no prizes this year.

Glenwood Academy

Tiffany was great. I am doing two fundraisers at the school right now and I never could have done it without her.


Queen of All Saints

The students thoroughly enjoyed our first Read-A-Thon. We look forward to hosting another one next year.

Ben Franklin Elementary/Junior High

Our read-a-thon experience at Ben Franklin was fantastic. This is the second one that we have done and it was bigger and better than the last. Looking forward to the next one.

San Antonito Elementary School

I was very easy and the children loved it!

Aire Libre Elementary School

It was a great experience! We are looking forward to doing it again.

Halstrom Academy San Diego

It was fantastic! We loved the experience and will definitely do it again. We raised $1,220 for our campus which is HUGE!


Southside Elementary PTA

We are a very small school. For the first time doing something like this we really enjoyed it. Thanks


Hillside Academy

Our students and families love Read-A-Thon. Reaching our reading goal is lots of fun!


St. Bartholomew School

Our Read-A-Thon went very well for our first time. The students seemed to enjoy it. The only difficulty we had, was that some parents forgot about it after a while.

Orchard Dale

We absolutely loved this low maintenance fundraiser. It was educationally driven, and easy to manage. We will definitely do it again next year!


Ridge Christian Academy

We would love to do another Read-A-Thon. The support we received was awesome.

Messiah Lutheran Preschool

This was a seamless, wonderful experience! Very easy to set up and raise money. Extremely impressed with the process and will continue to do it for years to come for Messiah. Thank you!

P.S. 273

This was our first attempt at running a Read-a-Thon. I think we did well. We need a little help in the area of explain to the parents how to set up their child's page.

Bethel Christian School

I thought this fundraiser was very user friendly! A very easy way for my library to raise funds. The prizes aren't the best but I can understand the need to not have expensive things so we can make the most as possible on the fundraiser.

Columbia Heights Preschool

Love supporting literacy in young children while raising money for playground renovation.


Old Fort Elementary

Our students have loved the read-a-thon.



Our Read-a-Thon was a success!!!! It was our first time holding a school-wide Read-a-Thon and the kids and staff had a great time and raised money for a great cause.

Craven Jaguars 8U

We love this fundraiser because it teaches our athletes that they are students first!

Northdale Middle School

This was a nice start for our first time in the middle school setting. We will do this again next fall when more kids are still checked in to their learning. I feel better results will occur next fall.

Sarfan Early Childhood Center

We are so thrilled with how supportive our school family was this year. We raised money to purchase new bikes and other classroom materials. This is a wonderful and rewarding event/program!


North Street Elementary

This Read-A-Thon went very well. Next year we hope to do much better and have more of our students and faculty participating. Thank you for all you do for those of us needing a way to raise funds!

I can't think of anything you can do to improve our experience but I have made a list of things I will do next time!

Virgil PTO

This is the 3rd year we have done the read-a-thon and the kids really enjoy it.

David Barton Elementary School

Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to easily raise money for our library. It was awesome!


Sgt. Smith Middle School

This was incredibly easy to set up, but difficult to bolster support at our school. I think it would have been more helpful to have something informational (about the actual procedure of the reading sessions) to tell parents and staff. We struggled to get that set up and could have used some guidance.

I think this was a learning experience and could see doing it again (very differently) in the future.

Leon Valley Christian Academy

In all honesty, this read-a-thon did not go well. I cannot come up with any particular reason other than lack of support in general. Hope next year will be better.

St. Bartholomew School

Read-A-Thon has been a great way to get students excited about Reading! In a short time we were able to raise a good bit of money for our school. This has been a great program that will benefit our school!

Stephanie Purcell

We loved doing this. It was a Great way to encourage reading at the same time as raising money. Everything was so easy.



This was a great fundraiser for my very small inclusive preschool! The Read-A-Thon staff were very helpful and easy to work with! Thank you all very much for your help in making this a very successful fundraiser for my school!

Hilltop Home and School Association

I think this fundraiser is amazing, just wish we were in a school that gave more support!

City View School

Your organization has been very professional, the materials that you provided are high quality. The staff was always friendly and helpful,any emails were answered quickly and efficiently.

Traughber Jr. High

It was great to promote reading at our school. Kids enjoyed it!

Traughber Jr. High

It was the easiest fundraiser we have done. It raised funds for our school library so we can buy new books for next year. We hope to get more students involved next year and raise even more funds to purchase materials for our school library.

Black Mountain Elementary

It was very easy and I would do it again.

TES Archery

great experience.


North Ga. Homeschool Cooperative

Thank you for the platform to help us raise funds while engaging children in their reading adventures.

Live Oak Elementary

Our first Read-A-Thon went well. We were able to raise $700. Next time we hope to increase our fundraiser by at least $1,000.

WPS 3rd Grade Eagles

This was such an AWESOME experience! We can't wait to do it again next year.

Jefferson School

Such a great program. I only wish I worked at a school that had families that could donate more and are more comfortable with online opportunities. Thank you for everything.

Craven Jaguars 10U

The read-a-thon was great for the kids! I wish we got more participation but overall this was a great experience!

Central Middle School

This fundraiser was a win-win. It promoted reading at our school and challenged our kids. They had fun and earned great prizes. The work involved to run this program was minimal (which was optimal for us!), and I will definitely do it again. Thanks,

BGCY Learning Tree Daycare

Great Experience! Awesome Resources and very helpful staff.

P.S. 81 Thaddeus Stevens Read-A-Thon 2016

A Read-A-Thon is an exciting experience, the students were very excited to participate in it. Although we did not get the support we anticipated, I would definitely do it again in the near future. I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to help students to improve their reading skills. Thank you very much for the support and guidance I received during the Read-A-Thon.

Harleysville Learning Center

It was amazing and we will definitely do this again!

Trinity School

This was our first experience with a read a thon. We tried it as an encouragement for summer reading. In the future we will do it in the school year where teachers can remind students daily.

Manara STEM Academy

Went pretty well!

Glenwood Country Day School

Thank you for a great fundraiser. It all went well!



Very good program. We will for sure repeat it next year.

Wewahitchka 8th Grade

The children loved the time to read.

Little Tots Montessori

Our first read-a-thon went very well. This one however struggled and I think it was because the uncertainty of our program in June. We have just found out today there will be no more uncertainty. YAY! So we will try another read-a-thon in the fall. Thank you!

Torah Academy of Jacksonville

Even though we are a small school we did ok. Last year was a huge success. We conclude that we will hold a read-a-thon every other year.

Stellar All Stars

This was the best program we have ever used.