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Reading just 20 minutes a day can help students create lifelong learning and reading habits. At Read-A-Thon, we think those are habits worth encouraging. So our fundraising events track minutes, not pages, encouraging kids to read what they love. And here’s the best-kept secret of all, our Read-A-Thons earn more while helping kids read more.

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Painless online fundraising that gets kids reading



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Any school can create success with Read-A-Thon. With no contracts, no minimums, and no hidden fees, getting started is as easy as signing up and spreading the word.



Get Kids Reading

Students who read material they choose themselves average 180 minutes of reading time! Read-A-Thon supports students at every grade level by focusing on minutes read, not pages, leaving students to read whatever they like.



Raise More Funds

Anyone, anywhere can donate to support student readers in your school. Our easy-to-use platform does all the heavy lifting for you — including real-time reports of funds raised and minutes read, payment processing, access to hands-on support, and a custom success kit.

Read-A-Thon Success Story


Henry P. Mohr PTA in California

Read-A-Thon was such a great, easy to run fundraiser for our school. Our PTA wasn't sure how it would turn out and we guessed very low on our budget for this event. We were surprised that we made over 5K more than we anticipated! Thank you for the quick turn around on paperwork and for all of the support setting it up. Our teachers were pleased with the simplicity of how it ran. We will spread the word to other schools in our district about this easy-to-run fundraiser, and we will gladly use it again in the future.

$9,500 Raised!
Read-A-Thon By-The-Numbers

Say ‘Hello’ to A Better Way to Fundraise

Read-A-Thon energizes kids to read and takes the angst out of fundraising. Instead of doing everything on your own or with limited resources, we provide everything you need, with support from real humans to ensure success for your school and your students.


20 billion

Reading minutes — and counting!



Read-A-Thons hosted this year


$22 million

Raised each year.


Who We Are?


Struggling reader Brayden not only became a better reader thanks to his school's Read-A-Thon - he won a trip to Disney!

Duration 1:51


Thanks to Read-A-Thon, Jane Grafton now has a classroom full of mini reading superheroes! Her students have never been more excited to open a book.

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Read and raise! Read-A-Thon has benefits well beyond the fundraiser.

Duration 57:00

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.57.48 AM

Thinking about hosting a Read-A-Thon? Learn how your school can earn more and get kids excited about reading.

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Why Read-A-Thon Works

Fundraising shouldn’t be a job on top of the big job you already have. With Read-A-Thon, our full-service team is here to help you support your school and students.


Easy for Admins

Read-A-Thons require less than one hour per week to manage and be successful — way less time and effort than most traditional fundraisers! Our online platform and hands-on support help you get up-and-raising quickly and easily.

(Updated) Easy for Admins

Rewarding for Students

Students can read what they’re interested in anytime, anywhere. And in the Read-A-Thon rewards store, kids rule! Readers can earn free prizes based on the donations they raise and pick what they want from a range of awesome toys, games, and books.

(Updated) Rewarding for Students

Inspiring for the Community

Read-A-Thon makes it easy to reach beyond the school community to the community at large so even more people can share in the excitement of helping students become better readers.

(Updated) Inspiring for the Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Skip the countless hours of planning and the pressure of handling money. With Read-A-Thon, our full-service team is here to help you support your school and students.

Read-A-Thon is a painless online fundraising program where your school raises money while students get excited about reading.

Not only is this fundraiser incredibly easy to host, but it promotes learning and can be carried out during regular class time—a win-win.

Family, friends and the community sponsor students. Read-A-Thon makes it easy to recruit sponsors with pre-written emails, texts, flyers, and social posts.

The average school raises 4-5x more with Read-A-Thon than with a traditional fundraiser and there’s no limit to how much you can raise.

Right now! Read-A-Thon doesn’t require a contract or fundraising minimum. Test it out today and see if it’s the right fit for your school.

Yes! Read-A-Thon tracks minutes read, not pages, so it’s perfect for all grade levels. Students can read books of their choice.

Read-A-Thon offers two prize models. Both models include ready-to-distribute print materials, unlimited guidance, and payment processing.

  1. School-Sponsored Rewards - In this model, the school keeps 80% of the total donations. They select, sponsor and distribute their own reading rewards to students.

  2. Student Reward Store - In this model, the school keeps 75% of the total donations. During the fundraiser, kids keep 15% of the donations they raise to spend in our online Read-A-Thon reward store. After the Read-A-Thon is closed, rewards are packaged by class and shipped to the school.

As a full-service, effortless online fundraising program, we provide a physical customized success kit, ready-to-distribute engagement materials, and pay all the processing fees so you don’t have to set up a payment platform. There’s no minimum cost to participate, no contract required, and you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees. Depending on the prize model, schools keep 75-80% of the total donations.


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Two Flexible Profit Options


School Sponsored Results

80% of total donations back to school in cash

School selects and sponsors rewards

Read-A-Thon provides color take home sheets for each student

Read-A-Thon Ads included

Dashboard and reports access


Student Reward Store

75% of total donations back to school in cash PLUS

Readers earn 15% of their individual donations to spend in online reward store (not deducted from the school’s profit)

Read-A-Thon provides color take home sheets for each student

Read-A-Thon Ads included

Dashboard and reports access

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