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This was our first time doing a Read-a-thon

and we LOVED it!

Everything was very easy to navigate. We heard from several students and parents about how much they have enjoyed this fundraiser. Our favorite part was that we could encourage a love of reading while raising money for the school.

Thank you for making this the easiest and most successful fundraiser we've had!

Howard Perrin Elementary


Get Ready for Something

Literacy Amazing!

Our Read-A-Thon program is the perfect literacy event! Get ready to experience an exciting and easy fundraiser that will get kids excited about reading and make a real difference in your school community.

Step 1: Sign up for our Read-A-Thon program.

With just a few clicks, you'll be on your way to hosting an unforgettable event. Our easy-to-use setup process means you can have your Read-A-Thon up and running in less than 10 minutes. It's that simple! We even provide all the materials you need to run a successful school fundraising event.

Step 2: Get your students excited about reading.

Read-A-Thon gets students excited about reading by allowing them to choose any book they want and track their progress with our online timers and reading sessions. With the freedom to read at home or at school, your students will be motivated to participate and improve their literacy skills. Teachers can log classroom reading sessions to build momentum and support school reading times.

Step 3: Get the whole school community involved!

Use our pre-crafted flyer, texts, and email communications to spread the word and share your school's fundraising goals with friends and families. Students get support from friends and family with flat donations. We process and track donations for you, so you can focus on achieving your school's fundraising and reading goals. Fundraising has never been easier!

Here's the Best Part!

You keep 75% or 80% of profits to put back into your school. So not only will you be raising funds, but you'll be making a real difference in your community. Get ready for an exciting and meaningful fundraiser for your school with our Read-A-Thon program. Sign up today and let's make a difference together!

Even when we blew past $20,000 and hit our new goal of $50,000, our students were cramming to read more minutes and get more donations...

Sonoran Sky Elementary School


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