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The Best Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Learn how a Read-A-Thon can be used to jump start literacy in younger children! Not only will the program help develop their ability to read, it will also get them excited about reading. According to U.S. News, the average age a student learns to read is 7 years old. With Read-A-Thon, that does not have to be the average for your little ones!

From Natures Corner Preschool

This is the 2nd year our preschool has used Read-A-Thon as our fall fundraiser. 

I like the way the program is set up and everything is done for us. Of course my program doesn't have the number of children as a public school so it is hard to raise tons of money but whatever raised always helps out our program. 

I will use the program again next fall.

Reasons Read-A-Thon is Our Premiere Pick

1. The Perfect Age to Build Excitement About Reading

One of the most attractive reasons preschoolers can raise lots of money doing a Read-A-Thon is that they are just beginning to learn to read and that's a skill people are willing to support. While doing a Read-A-Thon, the average participating reader raises $90!

Preschool Reader Pointing

Instead of having preschoolers read themselves, administrators set up reading sessions where they or their teachers read to the students. The kids participate by listening and hearing an adult read. For two weeks the preschool's primary focus is on reading.

During the event parents of the preschoolers use Read-A-Thon tools to tell friends and family about the Read-A-Thon and how excited their child is to participate. The communications ask people to support the student's participation by donating a small amount of money for each reading session the child sits in on.

2. People Want Preschoolers Reading

The response rate for readers is very strong. Family and friends that are willing to support an older student's reading session are at least equally compelled to support a younger student who shows an interest in a reading event. In fact there was no noticeable drop off on conversion rates for donation requests between elementary and preschool campaigns.

Preschool Loves Books

We actually get more comments from grandparents and aunts and uncles when they find out their preschooler is participating in a Read-A-Thon sharing how proud they are about the reading project. Almost universally they all understand how important learning to read well is at that age.

If your preschool needs to raise money, we challenge you to consider a Read-A-Thon as opposed to a product fundraiser. Is there any reason you believe people will be happier supporting a cookie dough sale or a gift catalog sale rather than supporting a reading event?

The fact of the matter is product fundraising has been on the decline. The products are simply getting old and too expensive. Candy and cookie dough products have shrunk so much and gone up in price to the point that they are becoming virtually obsolete.

Read-A-Thons are not new. Our program has turned an old concept into a modern, state of the art fundraising system with the most up to the minute tools so that preschools can raise more money with this fundraiser than any they had ever done.

Sign up for free to access any of our three Read-A-Thon fundraising packages. With just a few simple clicks, you could be bringing in thousands of dollars in revenue for an activity that your students will benefit from the rest of their lives.

3. How Preschool Read-A-Thons Work

Each one of your students will listen to 10 different 30 minute reading sessions. You track reading sessions online using our fun reading timer.

Leading up to your Read-A-Thon we guide your readers and their families through suggested sponsor lists and give them the tools to contact family, friends, neighbors and more through social media, email and printed materials. We offer incentives for every sponsor they get to insure the highest participation and donation rates.

Preschool Son and Mom Reading

All during your Read-A-Thon we are in contact with you and your readers telling you exactly what you should be doing to insure the best results. You will see up to the minute reporting to help manage and maximize performance. We also collect all donations online so your students never handle money and you don't have to manually create reports.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best preschool fundraiser anywhere!!

Here are some great resources to learn more about whether a Read-A-Thon makes sense for your preschool:

See how much money your preschool can raise with our Read-A-Thon calculator: Click Here

Get the answers to your basic questions in our Read-A-Thon FAQ section: Click Here

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Other Preschool Fundraising Ideas

1. Hold a Preschool Farmers Market

Have the class plant a garden of easy to grow produce like lettuce, squash, cucumbers, and various herbs.

Preschool Farmer

Set a day to hold a Preschool Farmer's Market to sell the produce that was grown.

Have the little farmers dress the part as they man a small booth!

They event is sure to bring plenty of pictures and some money for your desired purpose.

2. Have a Trike-a-thon

Plan it like a 5k, but instead kids bring their favorite set of wheels to ride around a set path or track.

Preschool Little Racer

Have t-shirts, prizes, and snacks to hand out at the event.

Before the event designate an amount of time for the little ones to get sponsors who commit a pledge. Their pledge earns them a ticket to the event!

3. Spare Change Drive

Each student brings in a jar to decorate. They take their decorated jar home so family members can toss in their spare change into it daily.

Preschool Change Jar

Kids are naturally excited about spare change, but teaching them different aspects of what goes into minting currency will have them searching through change to see where it comes from and when it was made.

After a determined period of time, have them bring back the change jars and total the funds raised.

4. Plan a Carnival

Get parents involved and have different booths set up for each student. Sell tickets that are used at each booth.

Preschool Prize Booth

Students and their families run game booths with prizes and food booths.

Having the little ones explain games, take tickets, and give out food and prizes is sure to draw participants!

Everyone loves a carnival, and one hosted by preschoolers is sure to raise funds!

5. Have an Art Show

Preschoolers create art daily, so why not showcase it so it can raise funds!

Preschool Painter

Have students create works of art that they want to sell. Then plan a day when they will showcase their creations!

Instruct the tiny artists to stand by their art galleries and answer questions buyers might have.

You can also take pictures of the art to upload and make into a calendar to sell at the event.

With planning and forethought your little learners can bring in the funds you want to raise. Just be sure to keep things light and fun!

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