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Make Reading a Rewarding Journey
What if you could raise the money your school needs by focusing on reading instead of selling over priced fundraising products? Now you can. Running a Read-a-thon through your school, group, or parent organization is free to start, requires little to no volunteers, and you get to keep 80 or 90 percent of all the money raised. It really is the most rewarding fundraiser ever.
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Success Stories
"We LOVED this fundraiser! After one bad experience after another with the traditional fundraisers. We decided to try Read-a-thon. What a true pleasure it was from start to finish. The parents, teachers and even the students loved it. It was our best school wide fundraiser to date and raised nearly $20,000.00. We will never go back to the traditional fundraiser again! "
Parent Teacher Enrichment Group for Pinellas Prep
John Foss
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Kristina with Sonoran Sky Elementary shares why Read-a-thon was so much more than just a fundraiser. Their original goal was to raise $20,000. They nearly tripled their goal and Christina now strongly believes this is the fundraiser every school in America will be using.

Sonoran Sky considered a Fun Run but decided there was really no comparison because of the educational element to Read-a-thon.

Sonoran Sky raised: $55,402.82
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"Go Mara!"
2 hours ago
"Keep reading, Alexander! It will take you to places you might never go, and teach you more than you can imagine!!!"
1 day ago
"Keep up the great work! You are awesome."
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Edified Christian Preparatory Academy
2 days ago
Kendon School
2 days ago

So Where Does All the Money Go?

Your School or Group gets to keep 90% of all the money raised.

Think about it...

Your students are already doing it. All your readers have to do is read for 30 minutes a day for 10 days.

It's easy as pie.

The hardest part is deciding to get started. From there we provide everything you need for your read-a-thon.

We make it fun.

Our system was designed for kids. It's fun, encourages participation and even includes prizes and rewards.

Learn More About Read-a-thon Fundraisers:

There is no better way for a school, school group or group of school aged kids to raise money than a Read-a-thon. Why? Because family, friends and neighbors understand how important education and reading skills are. When asked most people will make generous donations to encourage a child to read. Very few fundraising ideas offer such clear benefits to children and the groups they are raising money for.

We provide a complete read-a-thon system. We help your readers get the most sponsors possible with print materials, email campaigns and social media tool. We provide a prize center as an incentive for readers to get as many sponsors as possible. We collect all payments so children are not handling money. We send daily report cards to readers and administrators showing current results along with suggestions on what actions should be done to maximize the effectiveness of your read-a-thon.

Our read-a-thons consist of 10 reading sessions. Each session is 30 minutes long. Readers can read in class as a group or they can hold their own reading sessions. Once your read-a-thon is set up you click on Start a Reading Session and start your 30 minute timer. If you're reading in class everyone in attendance is given credit for that session.

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