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Read Across America Fundraising Idea

NEA’s Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually at the beginning of March.

Schools all over America focus on reading the first week of every March.

Many of those schools will use that opportunity to raise lots of money that can be used to improve reading programs, libraries and other school needs. That's the beauty of combining Read Across America with the best reading based fundraiser in America.

A Reading Fundraiser for Read Across America

So many elementary schools and school libraries search for ways to raise a little more money and to do it more productively.

That's why so many principals and PTA/PTO groups are starting Read-a-thons as their school fundraiser of choice.

Most people understand or are familiar with the old fashioned Read-a-thon where readers would agree to read a certain number of books or minutes and they would get friends and family to sign a pledge sheet saying they would pledge a certain amount of money for every unit accomplished.

Now we offer an online turn key Read-a-thon fundraiser that requires virtually no volunteers and raises more money than a typical school fundraiser.

Reading and Read Across America

Obviously the focus and purpose of Read Across America is to get kids reading more. That's why so many schools put up posters of Dr. Seuss and use it as the motivator to get kids more excited about reading.

That means schools are already focused on reading. And, if you are already focused on reading, you are then doing most of the hard work required to hold a Read-a-thon. After all, the focus of a Read-a-thon is to get kids to read more and use that as something friends and family would show approval and support for by making a donation to the reader and their school or library.

Read-a-thon helps you raise money by reading. You can learn more about that here.

So Let's Explore Read Across America

The NEA created Read Across America to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, who was one of the top writer's of children's books in history. His birthday is March 2. So on that day the NEA created a program that challenges children throughout the United States to spend the day reading.

Of course the NEA'g ultimate goal is not getting kids to read that one day. The goal is to get kids focused on reading do that they can gain a love reading that hopefully lasts a lifetime.

To that end they also put together materials to challenge teachers, teenagers, librarians, politicians, actors, athletes, parents, grandparents, and others to get behind the initiative as well.

So How Did Read Across America Get Started?

The idea for Read Across America dates back to May 1997. A group at the NEA sat around discussing ways to get kids more excited about reading. Apparently someone brought up pep rallies and how they were used to get people excited about sports. So they pursued ways to apply that same theory to reading.

So on March 2, 1998 in conjunction with the birth date of Dr. Seuss, Read Across America was launched.

Now there is a national pep rally designed to get kids fired up about reading.

The Goal of Read Across America

The goal of Read Across America was and remains today very simply to motivate children to read more. So many studies show the importance of reading skills. It made percect sense to use one of the best knowm children's authors to be the face of the event. After all most kids can remember their parents reading some of Dr Seuss' most famous books like The Cat in the Hat.

Combining Read-a-thon and Read Across America

Did you know that you can raise a ton of money by just reading?

So many schools spend crazy amounts of time trying to raise money. Now many schools have learned about our program which provides a way to raise just as much money by reading instead of other traditional fundraisers.

Our Read-a-thon program costs nothing to start. Your kids focus on reading for two weeks instead of selling fundraising products. Friends and family are invited to support readers by making one time donations to the Read-a-thon. Most groups report raising as much or more money reading than selling fundraising products. And, unlike most fundraisers, you need few to no volunteers.

Now thousands of schools have found they can raise tens of thousands of dollars for their libraries and schools by holding a Read-a-thon during the week leading up to Read Across America. After all, if your school is focused on reading and you can raise money for reading programs at the same time, then why not hold a Read-a-thon?

Read What Some Schools Say About Holding a Read Across America Read-a-thon

"Thank you to ALL of the Read-A-Thon crew, especially Tiffany and Colby, for your support, help, and willingness to help our Read-A-Thon fundraiser for Zane North PTA. It was very nice to work with such a great team and know our questions are always answered in such a short time with detailed answers. We look forward to working with you again next year for Read Across America Week! Take care! Sandra Nesbitt Treasure Zane North PTA 2017-2018"

Zane North PTA

"What a great way to fundraise for your own school or a charitable organization! We wanted to raise money to support the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which recently came to our community so decided to try this as our charitable fundraiser. It could not have been easier. I only had to upload staff and students and the rest was taken care of. Everything was super organized, no money to handle, no goods to distribute and kids were reading like crazy. We offered a small incentive for our top readers and fundraisers (throwing a pie in a staff members face) and talked it up on announcements each day. We raised almost $5,000 in just two weeks. Prizes came packaged by teacher and teachers said it was very easy from their standpoint as well. We plan to do a Read-a-Thon each year in conjunction with Read Across America week and donate the money to this great cause, improving literacy in our community."

Park Layne for United Way of Clark Champaign Ma

"Our school loved our Read-a-Thon! We are pleasantly surprised with how much money we raised in just two weeks. The communication through the website (especially the reports) was fabulous as was the color-copied personalized materials that were provided for each student. We could not have asked for anything more and plan on doing this again next year for our Read Across America Celebration in March. Thank you!!!! "

East Brookfield Elementary

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