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Read-A-Thon: The Perfect School Fundraiser +7 More Ideas!

Let's be honest—no one really looks forward to planning a school fundraiser. While the events may be fun, the overall campaigns can be difficult to strategize, especially when you're under such intense pressure to succeed.

Fortunately, you no longer have to fret about any step of the school fundraising process. With Read-A-Thon's easy-to-use online fundraising program, you're guaranteed a stress-free fundraising experience that will not only raise big bucks, but also educate your students.

Learn how to take advantage of one of the most profitable and fastest growing school fundraisers in the world: Read-A-Thon.

Ready to revamp your fundraising program? Schedule a call with our team or sign up for Read-A-Thon today!

How Can I Raise Money for My School with Read-A-Thon?

Learn how to host Read-A-Thon's school fundraiser in just 4 easy steps.

Your PTA, department, or fundraising committee is likely preoccupied with dozens of projects, and there are far better uses of your time than painstakingly managing every stage of your fundraisers. That's why we've created a fundraising platform that automates your campaign's planning, management, and tracking as you fly towards your fundraising goals!

Take a look at the four easy steps to host a read-a-thon fundraiser with the Read-A-Thon platform:

  1. Sign up and create your free Read-A-Thon account.
  2. Leverage our sophisticated data tracking and reporting tools to monitor your progress.
  3. Use Read-A-Thon's integrated marketing features to share and promote your campaign.
  4. Kick back, cheer on your students, and watch as funds flow into your account!

Eager to learn more? Explore our Read-a-Thon Basics guide to dive deeper into essentials, best practices, and tips for running a successful read-a-thon.

5,000+ Schools Have Used Read-A-Thon With Amazing Results!

One of Read-A-Thon's partners were amazed at how profitable the school fundraiser was, raising $53,000.
One of Read-A-Thon's partners said it was their easiest and most successful school fundraiser yet.

How to Choose the Right School Fundraiser

There may be many types of school fundraisers to choose from, but there's a reason that Read-A-Thon has become a fast favorite for thousands of PTAs, educators, parents, and students.

Assess Your School’s Goals

School fundraisers are essential when it comes to creating new opportunities for your students and school. When you’re choosing the next fundraiser, consider your goals. Are you looking to raise money for a new building? Refurbish the library? Build out after school programs? While raising money for initiatives is a clear goal for all fundraisers, it can be helpful to match your fundraiser to what you’re raising money for.

If you’re hoping to host a fundraiser to engage your students, this can also be a great learning opportunity. Consider how involved you want students or parents to be with the fundraiser. Giving students some responsibility can also grow their confidence.

Set a Fundraising Time Frame

Some fundraisers require more time and planning than others. You may need to shorten or lengthen your fundraiser based on how much funding you want to raise. For instance, if your goal is to build a new playground for next year, you’ll have more time to launch a lengthier campaign if you start early in the school year.

Choosing a fundraiser with low start up costs can also be helpful if you need to plan a shorter fundraiser. Look for online platforms with fundraising technology, so you can get right to it and increase your earnings!

Choose the Best Option

Once you’ve determined your fundraising goal, how long you want the campaign to last, and how much you’re willing to invest in getting started, you can choose the fundraiser that’s best for you.

Although more involved fundraisers may require higher costs to get started, ultimately every fundraiser can benefit from streamlined setup. Look for simple solutions that can cut down on unnecessary costs and get your school fundraiser off the ground.

Remember to consider your students' experience in fundraisers as well. The more fun and educational, the more excited your students will be to join in the fun. Plus when students are excited, their parents will be too! Look for fundraisers teachers can help initiate in the classroom as well, but be careful not to take time away from regular activities.

Why Read-A-Thon is the Perfect School Fundraiser

There may be many types of school fundraisers to choose from, but there's a reason that Read-A-Thon has become a fast favorite for thousands of PTAs, educators, parents, and students.

You're Already Reading in the Classroom

Integrate Read-A-Thon fundraising into your school's normal learning to raise more.

We've asked hundreds of PTA members this simple question: If your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew asked you to support their educational development by being a sponsor for their read-a-thon, what would you say?

Promoting Education Gathers Widespread Support

Engage your entire school community in your school's fundraiser to earn more with Read-A-Thon.

We've asked hundreds of PTA members this simple question: If your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew came to you and asked you to support their educational development by being a sponsor for their read-a-thon, what would you say?

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of people would be enthusiastic to donate to a fundraiser that directly benefits their little ones. Unlike popcorn sales or cookie dough drives that frustrate parents and overwhelm kids with junk food, read-a-thons are able to easily rally the support of your entire community.

Online School Fundraising Requires Minimal Setup

Read-A-Thon provides the ideal platform for efficient online school fundraising.

After signing up for Read-A-Thon for free, you can start building your fundraiser immediately. We provide all of the tools for you and your students to contact their friends and family across the globe, like suggested email features, social media campaigns, and even custom printed brochures.

You can dramatically boost the radius of your fundraiser's influence, recruiting potential sponsors from anywhere in the world—unlike product sales and fundraising events that have a fairly limited reach for attracting donors.

Product sales are notorious for being difficult to track sales or evaluate how the fundraiser is going day by day. Using Read-A-Thon, you won't just be left sitting, hoping, and praying for the best. Instead, you can easily and effectively manage your campaign from any device.

With our read-a-thon fundraising platform, you'll have real-time visibility into each reader's performance. You can then communicate daily with each reader and their families, with our mobile-friendly communication tools that include personalized messages based on the progress each reader has made.

Read-A-Thon is the Easiest School Fundraiser with Guaranteed Funds

Read-A-Thon fundraisers are one of the easiest and most lucrative school fundraising programs you will encounter.

Not only does Read-A-Thon provide you with the tools to host an easy, accessible, and educational fundraiser, but you could also potentially earn thousands over the course of just a few reading sessions.

For a fraction of the work required for bake sales, product drives, or any number of popular school fundraisers, read-a-thons provide a no-risk path to far greater fundraising success.

With Read-A-Thon you can reduce the time and funds put into planning your fundraiser, so you’ll be able to fully maximize the funds you raise!

Based on Read–A-Thons success with schools all over the country, even if your school has only a 50% student participation rate and one donor per student, you could still raise about $8,525. Just imagine how much your school’s fundraising potential can grow with Read-A-Thon.

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Read on to learn about 7 more amazing school fundraisers.

7 Other Great School Fundraisers

You've seen the evidence—thousands of school fundraising teams have praised Read-A-Thon for its efficient, easy-to-use, and lucrative fundraising services, resulting in what many consider to be the best school fundraiser they've ever had.

However, Read-A-Thon isn't the only stellar school fundraiser out there, and adding these fun initiatives to your school's fundraising schedule (along with Read-A-Thon!) could help to maximize revenue and engagement.

So, in addition to Read-A-Thon unbeatable fundraiser, take a look at a few other popular and effective school fundraising ideas to add to your activities calendar!

1. Love My Library

Consider partnering with Love My Library for your next school fundraiser.

Love My Library is another educational, reading-centered school fundraiser that your community will adore. Think of this library fundraiser as the perfect blend between a booster-thon and a book fair that gives students access to selections from a virtual library of over 3 million titles.

All they have to do to earn their virtual books is use the simple Love My Library platform to share their donation pages with families, friends, and supporters.

Ready to kick off your Love My Library fundraiser? Sign up for free today to start an online fundraiser that will inspire support from your entire community!

2. Fun Run

Consider hosting a fun run for your next school fundraiser.

Fun runs or 5K fundraisers are classic fundraising events that you can host on your school's track, around the campus, or even at a local park. Alternatively, you could hold a virtual fun run by giving participants distance trackers that can remotely report their activity.

People can pledge their support to one of your participating students, and you can bring in even more revenue by selling branded merchandise such as t-shirts and water bottles at the event. You might even add a theme, like a "zombie run," to spice things up and encourage greater participation!

3. Matching Gifts

Promote matching gifts for your next school fundraiser.

Matching gift programs are a part of many businesses' corporate philanthropy initiatives. In an effort to support their communities and cement themselves as a force for public good, companies will match the monetary donations that their employees make to charitable organizations.

Along with nonprofits, many schools are also eligible for matching gifts! Be sure to keep your school's community well-informed about this readily-available program through newsletters, flyers, and perhaps even a dedicated matching gift database on your online donation form.

4. Book Fair

Consider hosting a book fair for your next school fundraiser.

Many schools hold annual book fairs, and it's easy to see why. While not as simple or easy to manage as a Read-A-Thon fundraiser, school book fairs provide a fun event for you to promote education and for students to pick up new and exciting reads.

First, organizers will set up a portable book store in their school. Then students get money from their parents to spend on books and other small toys, and the school will earn a small profit on every purchased item.

To build anticipation for your event and increase sales, distribute an item catalog in advance!

5. Box Tops

Consider hosting a Box Tops drive for your next school fundraiser.

The long-standing Box Tops fundraiser is a great program offered by General Mills. All you have to do is encourage families to buy General Mills products and clip the Box Top logo on the packaging.

Alternatively, this fundraiser also has a new, virtual format. With the Box Tops app, all participants need to do is scan the QR stubs with their cameras. While not a huge money-maker, this easy fundraiser can secure a continuous stream of small funds for your school.

6. School Carnival

Consider hosting a school carnival for your next school fundraiser.

Years ago, carnivals were a common fundraising initiative that brought entire communities together. Why not bring back this vintage fundraiser with your own unique twist?

This more involved school fundraiser will require some extra investment from your school, teams of volunteers, and extensive planning, but the rewards are well worth the initial cost. Try to add as many activities as possible into your annual carnival, from dunk tanks and cake walks to raffles and carnival games. Additionally, you can further monetize your event with food and merchandise!

7. Bake Sale

Consider hosting a bake sale for your next school fundraiser.

Bake sales are a timeless fundraiser that participants and donors alike look forward to.

First, notify parents that you are planning a bake sale. Petition them to bake a delicious sweet treat and drop it off at the school before the sale. Next, encourage parents to give their children money to spend on baked goods during your sale.

This way, you can engage your school's families, and the baked goods you sell will come at absolutely no cost to your institution!

Read-A-Thon | Launch the Perfect School Fundraising Idea

From its profitability and simplicity to its educational benefits, Read-A-Thon fundraisers are hands-down one of the best school fundraising ideas your institution can host.

You might be nervous to take the leap into an unfamiliar fundraising program. However, our team and the countless schools that have fallen in love with Read-A-Thon are here to assure you that this low-risk, high-reward fundraiser is bound to be a major success for your school.

Dive into your Read-A-Thon journey today!

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