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Introducing Our Latest
Disney Trip Winner

We are so excited for Johnny Grabowski from East Dover Elementary. Johnny sent text messages to 10 friends and family members to promote East Dover's Read-A-Thon and that earned him a spot in the Disney drawing. He and his family will enjoy their all-expense paid trip later this year. Congratulations!!

Everything You Need To Know to Run Your Read-a-thon

We want to help you run the best Reading Fundraiser possible. Watch a short video outlining what you need to know. And remember, our customer service will help every step of the way as well.

Recent Read-a-thon Activity
52 seconds ago
"Read more books than your brother"
Cedar Point Elementary PTO
1 minute ago
"Congrats on the great interest in reading Vivi - keep it up and help your school reach it's goals at the same time!"
Cochise Elementary APT
1 minute ago
"Way to go Tristin. Let me know what you read during this event. -greg "
Mountain Valley Elementary
2 minutes ago
Nevin Coppock
2 minutes ago
"We are proud of you. Lets see how many you can read. Love you "
Our Lady of The Valley Regional School
2 minutes ago
"Congrats on the great interest in reading Vaughn - keep it up and help your school reach it's goals at the same time!"
Cochise Elementary APT
3 minutes ago
South Mebane Elementary School
3 minutes ago
"Emmett next time we see you I want to hear you read your favorite book!"
Williamsburg Elementary
3 minutes ago

This was our first time doing a Read-a-thon and we LOVED it!

Everything was very easy to navigate. We heard from several students and parents about how much they have enjoyed this fundraiser. Our favorite part was that we could encourage a love of reading while raising money for the school.

Thank you for making this the easiest and most successful fundraiser we've had!



Why Read-A-Thon?

Why Read-A-Thon?

Our award-winning platform makes it easy for you to raise money while boosting education.

Whether your campus is in person, virtual, or hybrid, Read-A-Thon is safe, secure, and simple to run.


Friends and family knew she struggled. When we sent emails asking them to encourage Claudia through Read-A-Thon, I was overwhelmed.

Claudia went on to be the top reader and got the most donations during her school’s Read-A-Thon.


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